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The First Person Shooter (FPS) genre is one that has stagnated over the past few years, coming up with fewer and fewer interesting games, and what seems like an almost endless parade of modern or ‘realistic’ shooters, realistic being code from gritty, grey and teeth-grindingly boring.

Insurgency, the first full release by developers New World Interactive, is the followup from the highly successful Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat mod for Half-Life 2 and is a realistic shooter. No, not one of those realistic shooters, an actual realistic shooter. It has realism and all of that other boring stuff that gets ignored by the others in this procession, all of which will be described in this, my Insurgency Review.

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TukkerIntensity1662d ago

freaking love this game. Haven't played an FPS I've liked this much in years (not a huge COD or BF4 fan).