Epic Says Gears Series is “in Great Hands”

Colton Steury writes: "After the megaton announcement by Microsoft that they now own the rights to the Gears of War franchise from Epic Games, a lot of fans are now worried about the direction of the series and how well Black Tusk Studios will carry on the legacy."

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christocolus1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Epic needs to work closely with them for the first title just like good ol bunjie did with 343i for halo anniversary. I trust it will turn out great. Thanks to epic and congrats to ms/black tusk.


Gears of war is dead? I believe youve seen the future through your bias.Why do you have to hate? Cant you guys be reasonabe for once? I will never understand how you guys will always be a mystery ..damn

Edsword1700d ago

I am glad that Epic is moving on. I did not care for the Gears series at all. I did end up playing the first 3 because I got them all used after I got a free xbox 360 with the purchase of a PC. The series had high production values but poor writing like a summer action flick. It was the gameplay that ultimately caused me to dislike the games though. I hope this means that Epic is going multi-platform with the titles they are working on this gen. Not sure how this is a megaton announcement as this was exclusive last gen to the 360.

NewMonday1700d ago

no doubt Epic will make a successor franchise like Bungie are doing with Destiny

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truefan11700d ago

New promising team in Black Dust and the creator Rod leading the team sounds good to me.

SoulMikeY1700d ago

Gears of War 1-3 was one of the greatest series ever created, judgement proved there's nothing left to say.

Don't be a ho about it. Didn't mean to offend the fanboy. And I like how you focus on that part of my comment as opposed to future epic games on ps4. Idiots.

hulk_bash19871700d ago

Gears generally sells well with the exception of Judgement. Here's hoping some fresh blood brings some fresh new ideas to the table. I didn't think 343 Industries could do it for Halo but I honestly enjoyed what they added to the Franchise. So hears hoping Blacktusk can do the same for Gears. Great play by Microsoft and hopefully it pays off for them.

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bestofthebest1700d ago

This is good for gears, judgment was a let down and I wasn't liking the direction it was going. Rod ferguson leading the team is the best news gears is in good hands.

Buff10441700d ago

I didn't like how part 3 ended. Never played Judgment. Perhaps fresh perspective is necessary.

kewlkat0071700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

There will always be locust hordes...

waiting for the next installment of the series..

Hopefully when the hardware matures a little bit...I'm sure I'll be ready. Nobody has done it like "Horde Mode".

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