From Sam & Max to The Walking Dead: How Telltale Games became a premiere developer

GameZone writes, "I remember a time when the most exciting thing coming out of Telltale Games was a Back to the Future adventure game. I don’t mean to rain on the parade of Sam and Max fans, but that was arguably the first mainstream adventure title released by the now critically acclaimed developer."

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s45gr321579d ago

Is true telltale studios wasn't a big name back in the day mainly due it ruined both Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the dragon. Many of telltale games were kind of me except for escape from Monkey Island or Sam and Max. But after the daring no holds barred dramatic depressing "The Walking Dead" season one and a strong first episode for the wolf among us this developer has truly become a premier game developer.

1579d ago
jairusmonillas1579d ago

The only good game they made is The Walking Dead, sorry but other games they made are mediocre at best.

mgszelda11579d ago

Most overrated developer as of late. Sad turd sack of a QTE game called walking dead and a bunch of mediocre titles before that

ziggurcat1579d ago

i wouldn't necessarily call them a premiere developer... their games are just point n' click adventure games, yet surprisingly buggy.

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