Super Bowl XLVIII: Madden NFL 25 predicts Broncos over Seahawks in overtime

EA Sports official Madden simulation of Super Bowl XLVIII predicts the Broncos to beat the Seahawks.

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MasterofMagnetism1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Not a fan of either team but I got Denver to win in a close game and Manning for MVP. Should be a great match up between Denver offense and Seattle defense. Hope it snows big time. lol

Seraphim1665d ago

Moreno HB Dive for a TD. I don't buy this Madden Prediction.... seriously tho, should be a great game and the outcome could be decided by the weather. I think if it's too windy and Manning/Broncos can't throw the ball well this will be the Seahawks game to lose. If Weather is mild, just cold/snowy this should be a great match up. Definitely hoping to see some snow falling during the game & some cold weather. Ice Bowl II 2014! It's about dam time!!!!!!!

lifesanrpg1665d ago

I really want Manning to get his second ring

1665d ago
SquidBuck1665d ago

Manning >>> Russell Wilson all day everyday.

Pennywise1381665d ago

Russell Wilson is only in his second year and let's not forget he tied Peyton Mannings record for touchdowns thrown in a rookie year but with far fewer interceptions than manning had. Wilson will have a great career and I'm a huge fan of both quarterbacks.

SquidBuck1662d ago

I agree both are great quarterbacks, I just believe since Wilson is not at his prime the game will go to the Broncos.

barb_wire1665d ago

In overtime?? pfft, not a chance - IMO the Broncos will win it and it'll all be over by the 3rd quarter.

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