Black Tusk Studios: "Recognize The Enormity Of The Task Ahead" And "Still Working On UE"

Black Tusk Studios: "Recognize The Enormity Of The Task Ahead" And "Still Working On UE"

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Double_Oh_Snap1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

Ummm... Concept lol doesn't sound like concept.

I think they were working on new ip, and now have to work on gears. I'm sorry, here you go. I don't think any more I know.


Studio staff have an average of 12 years experience in triple-A games, the industry’s equivalent of Hollywood summer blockbuster movies — “big games, big teams, big budgets, long timelines,” said Crump.

“What that means is we are working on Microsoft’s next big entertainment franchise,” he said. “We’re not working on an existing franchise, we’re looking to build the next Halo here in Vancouver, for example, which is really exciting. We are building something from the ground up.”

“We have been officially green-lit by Microsoft executives to go ahead with the project that we’re on,” he said.

Bolts-N-Rays11091696d ago

They definitely have at least 2 development teams. One working on Gears and the other working on another AAA game. Hopefully they can show us some stuff on this other AAA game at E3.

andrewsqual1695d ago

Oh god, does UE mean Unreal Engine? So expect their game to look like 100 other games this generation? Brilliant.

HammerKong1695d ago

they said we are still working with UE ,measn that there is a unannounced new ip in work ,MS also said theya re working on a new since the studio inception ,i hope we will get the look at new halo and gears riveal including quantum break ,i want their new ip and quantum break to be massive sucess and beat both halo and gears .

green1696d ago

If Microsoft can purchase an IP that has sold over 20 million on the 360, then there is no reason to think that purchasing Titanfall IP sometime in the future could be considered if it ends up doing for the Xbox One what Gears did for the 360.

Double_Oh_Snap1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

This is a given MS will probably buy Titanfall. I just find Phil Spencer. It's ony a concept not a scrapped ip funny as hell. You know when this game became a concept? When they bought gears lol.

OlgerO1696d ago

I dont think so, titanfall is set to be the next call of duty, and I dont think that EA is going to throw that away. its going to be a money printing machine

green1696d ago

Respawn owns the Titanfall IP so they can sell it if they want.

HammerKong1695d ago

cod is activisoin owned where titanfall is owned buy respawn ,ea is having no access to titanfall ,they are only publishing it and MS can buy it any time even Ms can buy the hole studio ,respawn is avery small studios on 30 people use to work there and it is indipendent studio ,if MS can buy a very well established IP which is one of the most sold exclusive in human history ,so it means they can buy any game which is not even released.

mhunterjr1696d ago

There's a possibility there, but I think part of the reason epic was willing to sell is because they were wanting to do other things. Respawn, like any other company, could jump if the price is right, but I'd bet they will be really hesitant to let go of their baby.

s8anicslayer1696d ago

If Titanfall is as successful as expected, Microsoft will have to pry the rights from EA's cold ded hands first!

HammerKong1695d ago

titanfall is not owned buy ea ,it is owned buy REspawn which is a very samll studio.

TheKayle11695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

IF titanfall will be successful (halo proportion)....will be hard that will leave the title to go on others platform out from the MS ecosystem

ms have no prob with moneys sure they will find an way to keep it..maybe also buyng the entire studio

its all about money

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The Meerkat1696d ago

If they take the Gears 3 gameplay. Then just add a ton of new maps, upgrade the graphics and include Horde then I will buy a XB1.

aviator1891696d ago

pretty much. I don't want to see any of the new mechanics of judgement transfer over into the new games.

Sayai jin1696d ago

I would like them to add the jumping over walls. That's it.

Frodosmugins1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

you sold out Epic...!
RIP GOW! Never to be the same again!

lol don't think this is a "its not coming out on PS thing"
Im the last person to care about crap like that!

and Judgement was just supervised by Epic not made by them!

aviator1891696d ago

I think if gears stayed with epic, it would have been more prone to death, seeing as how all the senior people have left epic (case in point: judgement).
At least with black tusk- gears now has full ms support, a studio with fresh blood and talent, and rod fergusson).

Sayai jin1696d ago

You do realize that most of Epic's talent especially the Gears franchise talent left the company.

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