Xbox One Gaining Popularity in Spain?

To reenergize a historically lackluster market, Microsoft Spain has been trying new things with the release of Xbox One. To start, they spent an incredible €20 million just on publicity. María Garaña, the president of Microsoft Spain, mentioned before the release of Xbox One that Microsoft considered Spain to be one of the most important countries in their target market.

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XiSasukeUchiha1548d ago

Damn this is going to be fun to watch

UltimateMaster1547d ago

Xbox One had 46,200 sales in Spain and the PS4 had 134,000.
To start, they spent an incredible €20 million just on publicity.

Money well wasted. not very effective, tough.
Xbox is a waste of money for Microsoft. They lost 2 billion from it and it should be it's own company, it's own company.
I could also say the same for the PS4 since PlayStation would be worth more apart from Sony than it's current state. It would be better.
Microsoft's studio to be sold to Xbox and re-branded Xbox studios.

RadioActiveTwinky1547d ago

Its funny how Micro has losses in their gaming division but not on their overall market.
Sony has losses on their overall market but gains on their gaming division.

TechImperia1548d ago

€20 million thats too much

sory1548d ago

It is indeed, mayankgarg!!!!

mcstorm1548d ago

Nice good to see Microsoft trying again in Europe as competition is better for everyone.

mmj1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

The article states the fact that PS4 has so far outsold Xbone 3 to 1 in Spain and then just turns into an Xbone marketing campaign including emotive images.

russo1211547d ago

What a waste of money.... They won't succeed there! No chance.
Anyway, good luck!

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