Second Son’s Seattle: Bringing the Infamous City to Life

Posted by Horia Dociu // Art Director, Sucker Punch Productions -
From the start, Seattle felt like the perfect locale for Second Son. Sucker Punch Productions is located just outside of Seattle, and we saw this as an opportunity to recreate the feeling of our home town. We wanted to capture a level of detail we had never attempted before using the amazing speed, graphics processing power, and high resolution output of PS4. Not to mention, being from here, we just couldn’t build a fake city with a fake Space Needle… I mean “Galactic Tower” just doesn’t sound right to us.

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Meltic1486d ago

perfect city perfect game i hope :). cant wait

Xsilver1485d ago

that city is Soooooooooooooooooooooooo detailed.

majiebeast1485d ago

Amazing and this is the beginning of this gen. PS4 is a Juggernaut and Sony has the studios that can get everything out of it.

GarrusVakarian1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

It really is, the tech in this game is really interesting. Look at the moisture on the walls at 1:07, crazy detail. All that detail and all that tech in an open world 1080p game is what i call next gen.

Im glad they haven't shown too much of the world to us, it leaves a lot to discovered when we play for ourselves.

March 21st can't come soon enough.

Meltic1485d ago

agree !!. I got a wide ass tv here at home. With suround system and my ps4 is just waiting for infamous second son so bad. My ps4 is dusty right now but im dusting it off soon :):)

Charybdis1485d ago

Looking forward to seeing and hearing more of this game!

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3-4-51485d ago

Game looks solid.

Glad it's not in New York or something else overused.

Tru_Blu1486d ago

Just hope Richard Sherman has moved out or I'm gonna bring a beat down on him ;)

Eonjay1486d ago

I wonder if the playable area resemble Seattle in scope.

GarrusVakarian1485d ago

Any way to get a better quality version of that? I would love that as my wallpaper.

theXtReMe11485d ago

This is going to be one amazing game. I can't wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.