Epic Games Hints That The Studio Has Several In-Development Games

iGR: "With the monumental news that Microsoft has acquired the rights to the Gears of War franchise, many were left to question what role Epic Games would have in the industry moving forward."

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Sayai jin1702d ago

Most likely multi-plat titles.

Godmars2901702d ago

Surprised MS haven't just bought them. PC releases or no.

Sayai jin1702d ago

No, it's would not be good if MS brought Epic. They make the Unreal Engine and it is used on many games...let it spread for all platforms.

Axios21702d ago

The last exclusive was for 360.

It takes money to by exclusivity.

Based on Sony's financial status, it doesn't seem likely.

Sammy7771702d ago

Sony doesn't need exclusivity at the moment. With multiplats running at higher rez/frames on ps4, that would be enough for Sony to have higher sales on multiplat games

Axios21702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

So like the 360 last gen then?

Personally, unless you're really disappointed with KZ singleplayer and KNACK, and what Drive Club was running at...I'm not concerned with differences that I'll never see even if i had two TV's in the same room.

I'm more concerned with missing out completely on the AAA retail games. X1 has 5, 2 of which are the highest scoring between PS4 and X1 retail exclusives

Master-H1702d ago

Sony doesn't need to buy exclusives, they got their own studios for that.

Axios21702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Sony has what? 12 studios to MS's 21.

@ Master

MP = Multiplatform
E = Exclusive
CE = Console Exclusive (available on PC or iOS as well but only on this console)

PlayStation 3 – 760 (615 MP, 137 E, 8 CE)
PlayStation 2 – 2016
PlayStation Portable – 777
PlayStation Vita – 65
Nintendo Wii U – 29
Nintendo Wii – 1220
Nintendo 3/DS – 1707
Xbox 360 – 930 (721 MP, 127 E, 82 CE)

"There are currently 795 games (multiplatform: 635; exclusive: 150; console exclusive: 10) and 15 cancelled games on this list as of August 18, 2013."

"There are currently 1,042 games (multiplatform: 858; exclusive: 176; console exclusive: 68) on this list as of January 24, 2014."

Master-H1702d ago

21 studios or whatever, Sony always releases more 1st party exclusives.
Please explain to me what were those 21 studios working on for the 360 in the last year...and also why're most of the xbone's exclusives made by third party studios if MS owns so many studios...

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NYC_Gamer1702d ago

I don't expect much from Epic outside of mobile/f2p titles since most of the talent left the studio

Sayai jin1702d ago

Bingo NYC. I think so too. Thats prob another reason why MS brought the Gears franchise.

Dlacy13g1702d ago

I wonder if part of Microsofts deal with Epic also has them doing something similar for a new IP with Epic where they also are getting first dip exclusivity on console. They seem to have a very tight relationship with Epic.

DanielGearSolid1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Epic was drawn to the 360 because of how closely it resembles a pc

This gen I don't think exclusivity would make alotta sense for them

Or any 3rd party for that matter

Minato-Namikaze1702d ago

That's backwards, normally its when a once exclusive ip goes multiplat, you get dibs on the next ip. Its why agent is exclusive to Sony, well for now anyway.

Dlacy13g1702d ago

Well certainly we have seen that kind of deal in the past but you have to wonder if there are some special circumstances here at play?

1) It really seems Epic was over wanting to make more Gears games. The pushed Judgment off to a different studio and multiple people left Epic in the months that followed. The companies direction really seemed to shift.

2) Releasing Gears out for PS3 as a port may have been a bit cost prohibitive vs what they thought they could make back at this point in the generation. And given it really did seem like Epic was done with Gears I cant see them wanting to go back and work on that IP anymore.

3) MS comes in and says we will buy that IP you really don't have interest in pursuing for a chunk of money plus we will give you another chunk of money in advertising and R&D for your next game to also secure some kind of console exclusivity timed or otherwise.

Gabenbrah1702d ago

Most of the original talenet left EPIC. CliffyB, Quinn, Capps and Fergusson all left last year. Worried about EPIC.

majiebeast1702d ago

I think they are just going to be a mobile/gfx engine studio. The talent probably left because Tencent bought almost half of Epic's stock.

Dark111702d ago

Yeah more F2P games aimed at the Chinese market.

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