Black Tusk Studios Is "Honoured To Be The Studio Chosen" To Develop Gears Of War

Black Tusk Studios Is "Honoured To Be The Studio Chosen" To Develop Gears Of War

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Xsilver1576d ago

wait a minute is Gears What Black tusk has been working on?

DarkLordMalik1576d ago

Yes. It seems like they were the "new IP" was just a proof of concept stuff that they did at E3. They might be developing the next GEOW now.

Septic1576d ago

Not necessarily. There is nothing to suggest that they aren't working on a new IP too.

Mustang300C20121576d ago

"The thing we showed at E3 last year, it was something that was done in Unreal and more of a concept piece," Spencer said, calling it "an asset" created by the team to get their creative juices flowing, not necessarily an in-development game.

Manic20141576d ago

I actually Microsoft Announced that Black tusk will be developing a new IP to go against Halo, GOW is just another project they will be working on.

Sayai jin1576d ago

I think they have been working on something else. MS hinted that they would have more news about the next gears at the end of this year. Which night mean Black Tusk will start working on the next Gears after their new IP.

HammerKong1576d ago

it is confirmed that back tusk was waorking on multiple projects ,phil also staed that the trailer you saw was a new ip which was made to rival,halo and gears ,he said this buy tusk is a bif studio with multiple project and gears have just started to develop its producer confirmed ,may be you will see new ip from them in 2015 and gears in 2017.gears is still far away.

JokesOnYou1576d ago

Great news, Gears needs a reboot that will get it back on track and deliver the greatness of 1 and 2.

LexHazard791576d ago

If you read the acquisition article at you'd think that they a FPS in the work also. Gears is a another IP to work on! Check it out man if you get a chance.

mewhy321575d ago

They will do a good job with Gears I'm sure.

UltimateMaster1575d ago

Name 1 good game that came from Vancouver.

webeblazing1575d ago

i wonder are they really happy to be working on it. its a pay check but seriously a game dev dont wanna make their own baby

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christocolus1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

Nope. They definitly have more games in development and the studio is also a lot larger than it used to be.

green1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

Gears is one of the games that they are working on along with this E3 preview

@Xsilver: Yes it is a concept. More like a tech demo but as stated in the article There is no reason to think that that engine will not be used for a new product because the article also says "Digging around in job listings suggests that the studio has a number of new IPs, and it's currently recruiting for people to create "outstanding single-player experiences in a core AAA game."

So they are also working on a new IP.

Xsilver1576d ago

What they showed at E3 is not a game that's in development its just a Concept.

Nitrowolf21576d ago

They are working on more games, but that E3 preview ahs been confirmed today as being just concept for Unreal Engine.

combatcash1576d ago

Does any one know what games they have developed?

nategrigs1576d ago

They haven't made anything yet

BlackTar1871576d ago

Which is the best part about everyone pretending like it will be great.

combatcash1576d ago

I'm a fan of most of the gears games, so it's good that they are keeping it going. However I'm not too excited about these guys developing it since they haven't developed any games before.

avengers19781576d ago

That's why it's hilarious that everyone is praising them so highly... Like it doesn't matter what they make it's going to be epic/s

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tuglu_pati1576d ago

I thought Gears of War was owned by Epic...

adorie1576d ago

Microsoft fired the checkbook torpedos when no one was looking! I thought for sure it would go multi but anything is possible and going by Microsoft's words about gears not long ago, this does come as a minor surprise to me.

Oh_Yeah1576d ago

No new ip, what a let down. Can't say I didn't expect it...this is Microsoft. Halo gears and Forza, have been their only true exclusives for the past 5 or so years.

3-4-51575d ago

wait....THIS was the "big" announcement ?

You see how they value news and announcements, and how we value them..

Worlds apart

Bigpappy1575d ago

Gears acquisition is much huger than announcing a new IP. Just the name alone is guaranteed to sell millions. What that means, is that millions of fans are going to be really happy to be getting more gears.

andrewsqual1575d ago

And Traveller's Tales were honoured to be chosen to make the next Crash after Naughty Dog.........they butchered it beyond repair.

TheRedButterfly1575d ago

Not at all. They were handed the Gears IP after it was purchased from Epic.

Black Tusk is working on/with several projects/intellectual properties, the newest one being Gears.

This is NOT what we saw at E3. That's something that's yet to be announced. "The next [franchise to rival the popularity of] Halo" according to those lucky enough to know anything about it.

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XiSasukeUchiha1576d ago

Ok wow then that disappointing in an sense of new franchise but happy there at least working on a game

lastofgen1576d ago

they're working on 4 ip's.

hellzsupernova1575d ago

An untested studio working on four new ips I don't think so sorry, they are all of used on getting gears of war out. That's all their job is now, enjoy halo, gears rotation all over again

Stryfeno21576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

O.O Oh my!!! I would like to see what they can come up with.

lifeisgamesok1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

They must be very talented with MS trusting them with Gears :)

And the Gears producer was hired by Microsoft so no worries at all

Mystogan1576d ago

Talented? Living legends is more like it. The Average AAA game experience of the devs working there is 12 years.

ape0071576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

yep rod fergusson is one talented developer, good thing they hired him hope other devs at Black tusk are on on par with the older devs, i don't want another CoD MW3/ghosts, perfect dark zero, resi 6 etc...

disasters happens when u change the team but i got faith in MS, they chose the right people for Halo 4

one question, what are the original gears of war developers work for right now??

Volkama1576d ago

Got to hand it to MS, they seem to understand the importance of retaining key personnel to maintain the essence of a series.

They did it with 343 and Halo, and they're doing it again here.

BlackTar1871576d ago

Halo by 343 was by far the worst halo

Nicxel1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

I say halo reach was by far the worst halo. Everything felt broken. Halo 4 fixed that mess. Only difference is that there was no competitive ranking system to keep ppl playing..

The graphics and story were definitely refreshing in 4 as well.

Axios21576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

Black Tusk has big shoes to fill.

For exclusives, only Halo sold more games on 360, Gears sold over 20,000,000.

Wii also has some bigger sellers, mostly bundles, and nothing on PS3 sold 20m.

Utalkin2me1576d ago

Didn't you make the exact idiotic comment in another thread?

Pancit_Canton1576d ago

Gran Turismo sold more than Halo and Gears combine.

JasonKCK1576d ago

Mario looks down at you

Axios21576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

Thanks for going back to 1995 and also the PS2 for sales.

I was comparing apples to apples, last gen to last gen, 81m+ consoles to 81m+ consoles...get it?

@combat...just showing the success of Gears in retrospect to a similar consoles install base

green1576d ago

Last Gen? Absolutely false

mcstorm1576d ago

That's not quite true Halo and gear have sold around 76 GT has sold around 70.

But all 3 are must own games and with ip's like Forza, Halo, GoW, GT, UC, GOW, Mario Kart, Zelda, pikmin ect on all 3 consoles its more reason to own them all and have fun gaming.

Xsilver1576d ago

well GT5 did sell more than halo 4 and Gears Judgement not combined but it still outsold them and you guys really need to stop going after sales to state if a game is better which is a stupid thing to do because Your basically saying that COD is the best game ever because of its sales.

Dmagic1575d ago

who cares wtf does that have to do with anything?

gamer20131575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

And it's still overhyped garbage

HammerKong1575d ago

i dont hate GT but for last 2 instalments i'am little dissapointed and i think forza has done a better job ,gt5 sold well but it is obviosly not better than forza 4 ,i'am not hating them ,gt was my favourite racing game once and i want it to be great again ,but we cant chainge facts ,i enjoyed forza 4 more than gt5 and now just look at the sales of gt6 ,they are 10% less than the sales of gt5 ,the dissapointment of gt5 has effected in loss of fanbase,gt7 can be reviver of the series if they did great job ,but i fear that the real talent behing the first four games is gone and now anew team is looking over gt in the same studio.

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combatcash1576d ago

What do the wii and ps3 have to do with this article?

BlackTar1871576d ago


Ohh yea sales? Sales? I mean you can't be comparing sales for a game that had 37 releases could you?

LexHazard791576d ago

You make true fans look bad man.

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