Ubisoft Shanghai working 'on the next Far Cry'

Ubisoft Shanghai is contributing to the development of Far Cry 4, judging by the CV of one of the studio's employees.

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Yodagamer1636d ago

Its probably one of many studios working on it. Tends to happen with a lot of ubisoft games.

HammerKong1636d ago

is it confirmed officaily but i think that it will be among multiple studios to develop it,cant wait for next FC.

tigertron1636d ago

I just want to see Blood Dragon 2 and as a stand alone franchise.

Saryk1636d ago

I liked BD myself, seems alot of other people didn't!

e-p-ayeaH1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

people dont like cool games these days that´s the problem lol

But yeah Far Cry 4 needs to happen first.

TheSaint1635d ago

I think people just want to see FC4 first instead of BD2.

JohnnyTower1636d ago

Hopefully Uplay is dead and gone by the time the new Far Cry is out.

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