Black Tusk Studios E3 2013 Teaser Project Was Just "A Concept Piece, Not In-Dev Game" says Spencer

Microsoft has just announced via press-release that Black Tusk Studio will working on future installment in Gears of War franchise, so what about the teaser project that was teased by Black Tusk Studios at Microsoft's E3 2013 Press Conference?.

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Omar911701d ago

Does anyone know any of black Tusks earlier project if any? There's so much hype whenever this studio is mentioned but I have never really heard of them.

I'm hoping they can bring something new and fresh to the Gears franchise.

RocknRolla1701d ago

All we know is that it is compromised of world class developers from around the world. So no idea what any of them have worked on apart from Rod.

cleft51701d ago

It's kind of lame that they have all of these world class developers and the game they announce from them is Gears of War. Supposedly they are working on other games so hopefully we will see some new IPs being announced from them soon.

Eonjay1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

So if they will be working on a "future Gears of War" project, and the E3 piece was a concept... the question is what are they working on today? I'm sure they will still be showing something different at E3.

Yo I just realized that last night I predicted a Black Tusk title, then I switched up and said its a Gears announcements! Lol I was still right!

truefan11701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

I'm hyped world class developers led by Rod already has me sold. This will be the return of a promising Gears of War, a staple xbox game. Halo and GOW built the xbox brand and they should continue into the foreseeable future.

kiz26941701d ago

Its a newly formed studio with some talented people from other companies brought in, but whether or not they work well together, well have to see.

jimbobwahey1701d ago

I think it's pretty funny to be honest, you'd see desperate fanboys hyping up "Black Tusk 2014 game" without knowing anything about it, and now it turns out that it never even existed and they're just being assigned the Gears of War IP. So many people get duped by the hype in this industry.

3-4-51701d ago

eww more gears?

The Human eye can see over 5 million colors.

Please use more than 20 of them.

TheDevKit1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

I feel Gears of War 3, although impressive technically, just didn't feel right being so colorful. Gears of War needs to go back to its darker, grittier roots.

Deeke1701d ago

Black Tusks used to be Microsoft Vancouver so far as I know, and I was also wondering why they were given this priority ( other than the fact that they we ex MS)

SpideySpeakz1701d ago

That's the point. They have NO history. All that hype for nothing.

hellzsupernova1701d ago

This is brilliant, black tusk show a stealth teaser and that turns out to be vapour ware cause Microsoft want to milk gears of war into oblivion. I foresee many people leaving black tusk because they will have no creative freedom and their own ideas just got squashed by Microsoft

ssj271701d ago

If the title is right, this means they will onky be making gears of wars and they don't have a new ip or will work on a new ip but only gear of war.

Akuma071700d ago

There is always so much hype when Microsoft announces anything, too bad most of the time that is all it is, hype.

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RocknRolla1701d ago

Rather than just removing the example I posted, how about you proof read the actual article. There's still bad grammar and a few spelling errors.

"According to Microsoft's Phil Spencer, Black Tusk Sutdios' E3 2013 teaser "

"It was just revealed via Microsoft press release that Black Tusk Studio will working on future installment in Gears of War franchise"

Omar911701d ago

It's really not that big of a deal, this isn't an English class. Besides, I'm sure everyone just goes to the comment section and discusses rather then read the actual article and look for spelling errors.

Not trying to be a douche just saying

PockyKing1701d ago

It should be a big deal...unless you don't care about the quality of the writing you read. Shows a lack of professionalism for the website and that's never a good thing.

RocknRolla1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Just a little peeved they took the easy way out and removed the sentence rather than just fix the grammar. The errors are just blatant.

It just means anyone can write some words down regardless of any form of professionalism. If the quality of writing will be that bad when it's only a few paragraphs long, then I wouldn't be going back to the site. It's why they should proof read and have another editor proof read the story before publishing. OR at least now that it's been pointed out at least fix the errors, don't just remove them entirely.

headblackman1701d ago

the gears of war news doesn't mean that this is the only game that they are working on. gears is just a new top tier title that they've been trusted to work on (being that they are a new company). so please try not to think with a negative fanboy mind to try to take credit from microsoft. give credit where it's due and leave the bs for the topics of your own preferred console of choice. if you've got something negative to say, it should be about the console that you truly own. in fact if you have no plans to buy an x1, you shouldn't even be in a topic that talking about the x1. that's when it starts to become trolling. don't be a troll.

lifeisgamesok1701d ago

Sounds like a great studio. Make the concept a game

Weren't they already searching for someone to do the story?

pyramidshead1701d ago

Not anymore. They Gears, now.

HammerKong1700d ago

did you use to work there ,my guess no. last year it was announced buy black tusk that they are working on 4 projects and said some of them are new ips (google it) you will know and i also know they are working on new ip which may can land in 2015, i know the people their personallyand gears is still far away ,it may can land in 2017.

quaneylfc1701d ago


In the words of the mighty kindergarten cop:


Xsilver1701d ago

So everyone is Cool with MS trusting a New Studio with the Gears Franchise?

True_Samurai1701d ago

Why not we trusted Halo with 343 and they proved their worthiness. I give halo 4 a 9.4/10

Xsilver1701d ago

you do know allot of halo fans didn't like Halo 4 rite? Mainly because of its MP.

Naga1701d ago

@ Xsilver

I adored Halo 4, and every one of my friends felt it was one of the best in the series. I think it's mainly an outspoken minority which is badmouthing Halo 4, to be honest. 343 did a stellar job.

Xsilver1701d ago

@naga i agree Halo 4 was great but their was a outcry from fans about the MP being like COD.

kickerz1701d ago

I actually loved the single player game in Halo 4. Was really well done. Multiplayer was ok, but could have been better. I think the next Halo from 343 will be amazing if they listen to all the feedback from halo 4 :)

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christocolus1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )


I think they still working on stuff just read my comment above.


I dont see that as a problem. MS trusted 343i with halo and they ended up doing a great job imo. Blacktusk is made up of some of the best in the industry (google it up) and with Rod Fergurson overseeing the project i dont see them messing it up.

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Godmars2901701d ago ShowReplies(3)
lastofgen1701d ago

As a new studio, I think I'd rather see the entire studio working on one game and probably expand in the coming years as they get more experienced (like what ms studios did with 343 industries).

lastofgen1701d ago

Well, as it turns out, black tusk are working on 4 ip's.
Spencer's statements just means that the e3 teaser was a general showcase of the studio's overall talent (sort of like a formal announcement of their studio).

christocolus1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

I guess they are,cos as far as i can remember they were supposedly developing the next big aa ip, to take the crown from halo and gears of war. Phil also gave away son info last year. He mentioned something about the studio wrking closely with ms research on an unannounced title.

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