Capcom, here's five ways to get Resident Evil back on track

PSU's Adam Byrne writes: ''Resident Evil, one of the most renowned and revered series’ in PlayStation antiquity, is at a crossroads as of late. Its fans have become increasingly disillusioned by the gung-ho, action-orientated direction series developer Capcom has taken for the past number of years, starving the franchise of its once great horror bedrock. The critically tepid reception its newest mainstream iteration garnered was enough to send anxious tremors throughout the Capcom boardroom, leading many to speculate as to what steps the ailing developer would take to rectify and once again champion its premier horror franchise. And now with ex-Capcom chieftain Shinji Mikami lurking in the sidelines, ready to usurp with the blood-soaked promise of The Evil Within, Resident Evil’s plight becomes all the more pressing...''

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