Sequelization: A Double Standard

Daniel Dunham writes "There’s a question I often hear posed by many gamers and it goes something like this. ”Why is it that Mario games always seem to get a free pass, when it comes to sequels and rehashes. Yet game franchises like Assassins creed, God of War, Halo and the like, get criticized and sometimes even marked down for it?.” Well, I have a theory for why that seems to be the case, as much as this may seem to be a double standard, and I’m sure many will argue that it is, there is a fundamental difference between games like Mario and Assassins Creed."

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NYC_Gamer1661d ago

I don't mind studios pushing out sequels long as they also develop fresh stuff too

zerocrossing1661d ago

Exactly. Sequels are fine so long as they are relevant and offer something new, instead of existing solely to further milk a fading franchise.

UltraNova1660d ago

You guys must be talking about franchises like COD, HALO, Battlefield and all sports games...


Blacklash931661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Sequelization is kind of a matter of appropriateness, if you ask me.

Some franchises are meant to be open for many sequels, spin-offs, and sub-series like Mario and its many niches, as the writer mentions.

Others are not so much and further installments end up feeling like an excuse once the intended run has ended or the novelty has been worn out with too little in the way of fresh ideas and concepts. This especially applies to games with significant storylines involved.

zerocrossing1661d ago

I couldn't agree more.

It's nice to revisit a franchise we love, but not so much if all we're doing is playing the same game with a new coat of paint.

Sadly, the ridiculous cost required to develop new IPs, means publishers tend to play it safe and put out needless sequels to current and/or popular titles.