Project Spark for Xbox One "will never truly be finished"

Team Dakota envisages plenty of post-release work on free-to-play Xbox One create 'em up Project Spark - in fact, studio manager Michael Saxs Persson feels the developer could add things to the game forever.

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christocolus1703d ago

That shouldnt be a bad thing...infact it will ensure the longevity of the franchise. Another game with great potential there.

Rikuide_Furame1703d ago

Don't understand why folk are disagreeing with you. I'm still amazed today with the content gamers on LittleBigPlanet 2 can create years after launch.

christocolus1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )


I dont know why they are disagreeing either but i enjoyed little big planet very much and thats why im even more hyped for this

@ truefan

Yeah. My thoughts exactly.

UltimateMaster1702d ago

Getting this on PC, not Xbox.

truefan11703d ago

The game that keeps on giving.

1703d ago
JohnnyTower1703d ago

"Never truly finished"? So what, EA is now in charge of spark?

ThePope1703d ago

I'm not creative so I'll never fully enjoy that game. But the people that are will make some amazing things. I've read some impressions about it from the PC beta, and people are really into it.

MysticStrummer1703d ago

Ahhh I thought it was XB1 exclusive.

Wikkid6661703d ago

It's actually a two fold game. You can make the games and you can play the games. There are going to be tons of games to play created by others.

GiantEnemyCrab1703d ago

I am in the beta and the game is amazing just playing around but if you want to spend the time you can make great looking games. The community is already showing great projects!

GarranPlum1697d ago

I don't think it will be around "forever" 'cause there are some major impediments to building real games with it -- mostly problems in the coding environment and with the business model.

I wrote a complete breakdown here: