Criterion: Better to Change than Burn Out

New general manager Matt Webster talks about the studio's future in light of recent departures and their next project.

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Immorals1630d ago

Now they are free to make a new, proper Burnout game. None of this paradise nonsense!

ThatArtGuy1630d ago

Burnout Paradise was probably the game I spent the most time on last gen.

Mikelarry1630d ago


FriedGoat1630d ago

Paradise is the best burnout game ever created.

pyramidshead1630d ago

I agree. Stick to close circuit racing with a map to choose the events and get rid of the bouncing car crash mode, that was god awful. What happened to the junctions and the level of skill you had to have to glide your car all the way over to the '4X'.

Next gen Burnout game like Burnout 3: Takedown would be godly. Oh and day 1.

Kurisu1630d ago

Burnout 3: Takedown was amazing! Probably my favourite ever racing game.

weekev151630d ago

Agreed. Dont get me wrong I loved paradise, it was a beautiful fun game. But the set piece crash modes of previous burnouts were amazing fun. Imagine that in online multiplayer racing other people to get to the best crash vantage points. It would be immense.

weirdo1630d ago

burnout 2 was my favourite, infinite chain boosting on stunning tracks

SpiralTear1630d ago

I would love Criterion to reboot Road Rash.

SpiralTear1630d ago

They've openly expressed interest in developing a new game for the series. I'm just crossing my fingers for an eventual confirmation.