Xbox One: Microsoft talks Halo, Kinect, PS4, launch delays and more

The Xbox One was announced a little under a year ago, and has been on sale for just over two months. It feels like the best part of a decade, if you ask us. Much has changed since reveal - the online DRM has been abandoned, Kinect has become a non-mandatory ingredient, a new indie strategy has gotten underway, countless new games have been revealed.

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Septic1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

"We all had a chuckle out of those things, but there was a real focus by Ed Fries, J Allard, and Robbie Bach to separate us a bit [from Windows] - from a brand perspective - from Microsoft. "

One of the better things J Allard did. Man I miss that guy -_-

"we were struggling to get Perfect Dark [Zero] done in time - I think it showed some of that struggle"

Oh so he acknowledges it was rushed. Interesting

mewhy321698d ago

Why is this article listed with PS4 article tag???????

DoctorJones1698d ago

Because they're also talking about the ps4. The clue's in the title, you might have missed it.

Bdub20001698d ago

@doctor, yes they wrote it in the title, but if you read the article PS4 isnot part of the iinterview. It was added to the title as flame bait... This is a x1 article.

DoctorJones1697d ago

To quote -

'Sony - and I'm focused on first-party because of what I do - I really respect their focus on investing in new things and creative things, what they've done with David Cage and Quantic Dream around Beyond [Two Souls] and Heavy Rain; they stay committed to franchises even if they don't sell 10 million units, they'll stay committed to things.

I think that long-term commitment to franchises is important, where it's easy to pull off the Band-Aid and move onto the next thing [if it doesn't sell]. I respect their stick-to-it-ive-ness. I'll say, they've done a nice job with PS4 [...] When I think about their announcement, their clear focus on a customer, leading with the value proposition of what they're trying to do, staying true to a vision, I think they've done a nice job in how they defined the PS4.'

Sayai jin1698d ago

I like the Kinect on the XB1, but IMO it should have been an option and not mandatory. MS should have asked devs to be creative with Kinect features and use those features as a selling point for Kinect.

mcstorm1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

I have to disagree with not as mandatory as developers would not of used it in games and we would end up with the same type of games as we did for Kinect 1 dance and fitness. Also we would have some games where we can jump to the dash ect and others where we can not. It would all of just been too messy. Microsoft made the right move by having Kinect on all xbox ones imo. I also don't think MS should make a kinctless one too as this again will cause issues.

Plus with out Kinect the xbox one is just a less powerful PS4 for the same price as a PS4 and dose not offer anything more. Kinect is the device that makes the console stand out and it was built around Kinect and xbox live like the 360 was built around xbox live.

I think as this gen goes on we will see Kinect used more and more. It already shows the difference between 1 and 2 in terms of the games that use it now in BF4 and also shows how much more advanced it is in terms of you can now use players names to do subs ect rather than saying player 1 and player 20 like you did on the 360 version.

Sayai jin1698d ago

MC Storm I understand your point of view. As mentioned earlier, I like the Kinect on my XB1, but it is not for everyone.

Kingthrash3601698d ago

imo making the kinect mandatory while the ps4 is optional only exclusives on x1 will truly use the kinect. thing is, 3rd party games will be better on the ps4 (partly due to the kinect) so most devs will not utilise the feature. if ps4 had a mandatory cam things may have been different. with the ps4 install base gap to only widen, especially after 02/22/14, its safe to say the kinect will only be utilised by 1st party/exclusive games. that didnt go too well for 360, i cant see it working now.

mcstorm1698d ago

@Sayai jin I agree its not for everyone but I do think it is for a lot more people than not its just a lot of people esp on here are going off what they saw of Kinect 1. Kinect 2 is a different experience all together.

@Kingthrash360 Only time will tell if devs drop Kinect support for the xbox one but I don't see it as it offers small things like who has the controller, commands snapping ect. Also what happens on the 22\02\14?

Bdub20001698d ago

When you read the article you start to understand that kinect is not "mandatory", it is the x1. It's no longer an add on, it all melts together. Microsofts vision is that kinect is part of the console, so integrated that there is no such thing as an x1 without it. I'm not saying I agree with it, but I am starting to understand their vision for it. Unfortunately, the market of gamers still see it as a gimmick rather than an essential part of the x1 experience, and that is Microsofts fault for not launching with some amazing kinect innovation that would make people see their vision.

mcstorm1698d ago

@Bdub2000 your spot on about Kinect not being an add on and it is now up to Microsoft to come out and show people what it adds to the consoles because everyone I know who has tried the new Kinect have all said its very good and far better than the 1st. The biggest issue Microsoft have with pushing the Xbox one to be a family consoles is the price. Family don't want to spent that much on a games console and to me this is why we are seeing so many core games on the Xbox one now as they know the core spend the money. Its also a reason why they are still supporting the 360 as this is being pushed as the family console at the moment. I think as time goes by and the price drops we will see Microsoft push the Xbox one as a console for all like the did with the 360 but what Microsoft need to do is not forget about the core this time. The did keep giving us some amazing games like halo 4, Forza horizon but they pushed the 3rd party games more
which I don't think will work this time around and the reason why they are securing some of the big name games like halo and gears.

When all said no one knows what will happen over the next 5 years or so as a game add on device redesign etc could change everything for Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft.

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truefan11698d ago

Kinect is freaking awesome, I love Kinect Sports and the dancing games, those are the only games me and my wife can play together. Also had some friends over and they noticed I was talking to the system and thought that was the coolest thing ever. I would say 97% of xbox gamers don't mind kinect, especially how it works with the XB1. The main hate for kinect comes from ps4 gamers.

NeoTribe1697d ago

The problem is devs dont want to use kinect in there games. It just isnt practical in any games other than dance games. Why do you think its still not really being used. Its not a good gaming device. More of a 200 dollar tv turner.

XtraTrstrL1698d ago

Kinect has a few things over PS4 Eye other than the overall power/abilities. The main thing is that it comes with every X1, so devs don't have to worry about consumers that they could lose if they have some mandatory Kinect features. It also seems that it is very finely intertwined with the X1 SDK, so it isn't much work to add Kinect features into games. I don't think that is the case with PS4 Eye, it seems you have to go out your way a little more to include PS4 Eye features. Then, the Eye being sold separately ofcourse hurts the odds of devs taking the chance to heavily utilize it for games. That's why games like BF4 use the Kinect for cool little features already, they use voice commands and head tracking so you can lean.

My friend was stating that it could be a good idea for PS4 to come out with an updated PS4Eye, kind of like PS3 later came out with Dualshock3 after initially launching with the Sixaxis. If they even later bundled the new Eye with every PS4, that would be ideal if they wanted it to really be utilized. Choice is always great, but because of the choice with the Eye and PS4, there's already multiplats making use of Kinect primarily, so it's already showing that devs are not confident in the Eye, mainly because it's not in every house that has a PS4.

JeffGUNZ1698d ago

"Kinect has a few things over PS4 Eye other than the overall power/abilities". So, other then it being overall more powerful and having more abilities, just a few things? The way you worded that was just ironic when you read it.

Check the link out, those differences are night and day. The Kinect is much better and that's why it's $100. PS EYE isn't bad, just isn't nearly as impressive as Kinect. It is not bashing Sony at all, MS just invested much more into it as they designed the X1 AROUND it as Sony designed the PS Eye as an accessory.

lifeisgamesok1698d ago

Phil Spencer is the man. He's a gamer and knows what gamers want

Thanks to him, Harrison, and others we're seeing all of these new IP's and exclusives

PixelNinja1698d ago

If people like Phil weren't at Microsoft I'm positive the Xbox brand wouldn't be here today.

Like you said, he's one of those few people at corporate that knows what gamer's want.

DEEBO1698d ago

I'm sorry but kinect voice commands are crap!the ps4 handles voice commands better then the x1.
just yesterday i was showing my son that you can turn on the x1 with voice commands and it took over ten or more xbox on before it work.
trying to change the channel with voice lol good luck with that.
i say xbox watch abc kinect thinks i said watch disney xd,i say kinect watch amc,kinect goes to channel tlc
voice commands are broken and needs more updates to improve them.

now i try the ps4 commands,i say playstation play madden the ps4 goes to madden then i say start and just like that it works.
xbox=more voice commands but they perform horrible.
ps4 =less voice commands but work better then kinect.

KingDadXVI1698d ago

You either have something wrong with your Kinect or you need to do the set up again.

My brother had that issue with his. He took it back and got another one and it has worked great ever since.

I have never had an issue with mine. Since Christmas I have had to repeat Xbox One twice to get it to turn on. I have lots of background noise in my house with my kids running around, playing music, watching TV, etc. The Xbox One is used for hours everyday to play games, watch TV, and stream video with dozens of voice commands issued to it every time it is used. At the most is misses 3 commands a week out of hundreds of commands.

The in game voice commands and motion tracking work very well in Dead Rising and BF4. I ever discovered last night that you can use voice to navigate the user menu in Dead Rising to access your settings and it works great.

It seriously sounds to me like either you need to redo the setup, the software for the Kinect is corrupt, or the hardware has a problem.

Back to the main complaint from a minority of people who keep on saying that full motion gaming is a gimmick and will never become mainstream.

I agree for the most part. There will be the niche games that are all motion control like Kinect Sports or Dance/Exercise games but that is about it for the foreseeable future. However people really need to stop thinking in the paradigm that the Kinect is only about motion gaming. It is not. The vast majority of use for the Kinect will not be full motion gaming but making hybrid games that use subtle or not so subtle features of the Kinect.

Sensing fear levels in Horror games, or just your instinctive reactions like leaning when playing a game are just the start. How about tracking eye movement, using the Kinect in conjunction with VR like oculus rift to track the movement of your hands, use in positional sound projection which is coming to homes in a year or two.

People really have to open their minds a little and realize that there are far more possibilities with the Kinect than full motion control.