Should Zelda : Link Between Worlds have been First Person 3D?

HelenBaby writes : "The Legend of Zelda : A Link Between Worlds is the most recently released title in the Zelda franchise, coming out for the Nintendo 3DS on November 22nd 2013. Cyrus recently wrote a full review of the game, you can read his opinions here.

As those of you who’ve played ‘A Link Between Worlds’ will know ; despite the fact the game is usually experienced from a 2D top-down perspective, the playscape is in fact full 3D. This much becomes apparent when the player invokes Link’s newest ability ; that of merging with walls. That this is the case led me to ponder whether Nintendo should have made the title fully playable from a first person perspective. This article contains my thoughts both as to why this would be a good idea, plus some reasons why it might not work"

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Neonridr1697d ago

I don't think Zelda should ever go first person. Doesn't suit the style of play. Going first person for things like the bow or boomerang is one thing, but an entire game played like that? I dunno..

xPhearR3dx1697d ago

TBH I don't even really care for the 3D Zeldas, let alone a FP view. I could never get into them. The top down view has always made it more enjoyable for me.

for we are many1697d ago


Geobros1697d ago

No, No and NO!!!!! I didn't read this article because his title does not like me.

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The story is too old to be commented.