Tomb Raider Definitive Edition review - XB1

X-ONE Magazine reviews Lara Croft's Xbox One debut, but is there anything truly definitive about this next-gen port?

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NatureOfLogic1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Butthurt review. I do agree that the game is overpriced.

ape0071634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

well butthurt or not he's right

they are talking about the game as it was a complete nextgen from the ground up remake, lol

true remakes are the likes of Resident Evil 1 Gamecube, MGS Twin snakes, halo combat evolved CE anniversary, zelda WW HD

Tomeraider Definitive edition is just an enhanced current gen game, like CoD ghosts on ps4/X1, like ps2/original xbox ports to xbox 360(Gun, Tony Hawk, NFS most wanted 1, burnout revenge king kong etc..)

Jughead34161634d ago

Not sure how it plays on XBONE (30fps), but it's great on PS4. A 7 would be too low if it's close to PS4's quality. If anything, if it was reviewed high before, it should be reviewed higher now because of the technical enhancements. No matter what the value should be today, it doesn't diminish how good the game is.

jackanderson19851634d ago

they've made it slightly prettier and added in some controls for the touchpad on the DS4 or voice on the X1... they're still charging a full price for what is essentially the exact same game that got released for last gen.

reviewers should mark it down for this because the practice of charging full whack for a barely improved game is a joke

Jughead34161634d ago

IMO, it was worth the price because this is the first time I ever played the game. It released along side GOW Ascension last year, and I'm a huge GOW fan so I missed Tomb Raider.

It may not be worth full price if you've played it already though. I do agree with that.

mcstorm1634d ago

This is part of the issue with developers today. EA did it with NFSMW on the Wiiu, Yes it look and played amazing on the WiiU but the full price is what hurt its sales and I think this game will be the same.

sweendog1634d ago

I think it not being Mario Kart is what hurt its sales

kewlkat0071634d ago

Naw...same game, hide ya money.

InTheLab1634d ago

Critics don't pay for games so price should not affect review scores. I do think the SE should have priced this game under $40, for the minimum amount of work they put into this port, I don't feel like CD the developer should be punished for SE's greed.

Also, there is nothing wrong with next gen ports and there certainly isn't anything dangerous about it like the author claims. Where was this talk when the WiiU launched filled with full priced ports of games well over a year old? Hell, where was this guy when MAss Affect 2 hit the PS3 a full year later looking marginally better?

What happens when R* decides to port over GTA5 at full price?

dumahim1634d ago

Whether or not they pay for the game, you're right in that the price of the game shouldn't be a factor in the final score. It was a 9/10 game less than a year ago (and it was full price then) and I see no other reason given besides the price for a drop in 2 points.