Exclusivity – A Required Pain

Ashley of Corrupted Cartridge writes "Oh man, here we go. Exclusivity. This subject recently broke through to me after I watched the new trailer for The Last of Us’ new single-player DLC Left Behind. After watching I took the risk and scrolled down to the comments section of the page. One comment in particular made me think. It’s one I’ve seen innumerable times, but this time I thought I’d investigate it a bit more. “Thumbs up if you think this should be on Xbox 360/One!”"

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Sony_Fan1631d ago ShowReplies(1)
LoliconMaster1631d ago

I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything by missing exclusives on consoles I don't have.

KevinCubes1631d ago

Then your simply not a gamer

LoliconMaster1631d ago

I'm so sad some random on the internet says I'm not a gamer. I'll be strong and pull through though. *Rolls eyes*