Open-world RPG Cradle gets a new video illustrating combat mechanics

LGN "Mojo Game Studios has released a new video for Cradle, its first-person open-world RPG, showcasing the game’s combat system. Cradle’s battle system is unique and lifelike which offers “Realfight Combat System” which means attacking an opponent will feel and look more realistic rather than seeing the scripted attack animations."

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Whatsupdog1632d ago

Had me at open-world RPG..hope this gets funded soon.

ATiElite1631d ago

Open World RPG you say?

Ask and you shall receive,

Check out Kingdom Come: Deliverance

I believe it's further along than Cradle and it's a Single player focused Open World RPG with stealth action like thief as well. Oh it's Medieval Combat too.

I'm looking forward to it myself as I am a big fan of Chivalry Medieval Combat and always wanted it to have a huge RPG format so now I'm getting it.

Whatsupdog1631d ago

Yep, Kingdom Come is on my watchlist - horseback combat, siege battles in a non-fantasy RPG setting..Yes Pls :-)