Where Does Capcom Go Next With Resident Evil?

"Do you remember back in the original PlayStation days when we were graced with the presence of Resident Evil? This survival horror gem took us by surprise and made us hide behind our blankets more often than any scary movie. As the series continued we kept playing and we kept running home to mama as nothing else seemed to stand up to the franchise. But then everything changed as we were introduced to Resident Evil 4. Many people dispute that this is the best game in the series but it changed the series so much. It took some survival horror aspects and introduced new action elements that were very much welcome. But was Resident Evil 4 the game that cursed the franchise?"

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Wargrave1666d ago

Since Resident Evil 5 I have washed my hands of the series. Capcom would have to do something pretty special to make me give a damn again.

I will however gladly play Resident Evil 4 again.

Stuart57561666d ago

"Where Does Capcom Go Next With Resident Evil?"

Back in time 18 years?

stuna11666d ago

Exactly! I think it would be nice if they remade the first 3 Resident Evils with updated graphics, but that just me!

Doogle3001666d ago

The fact that I can actualy play the later games, to me is testament to how they aren't as scary. RE1 and 2 are still in the list of games I will play when I'm not such a pussy... It's really hard to figure what changed the series so drastically, whether it was the camera angles, or the aiming, the fact that the enemies seem to no longer be dead heads, or the fact that you can play the newer titles multiplayer. Either way. I don't know if I am happy with the direction they took, or just relieved that I don't have to add any more scary games to my list.

ShaunCameron1666d ago

I say it's the technology that facilitated the gameplay mechanics of the latter RE games coupled with a lot of grumblings about the series getting stale when 3 came out.

skydragoonity1666d ago

A reboot maybe. That usually works

gantarat1666d ago

People would be complain like DmC ,Tomb Rider

nope1111666d ago

Funny thing, that TR reboot was the only TR i liked, as for DmC...... i don't want to talk about that abomination. i think a reboot for Resident Evil is unnecessary, all we want is a GOOD and SCARY Resident Evil game.

Nerdmaster1666d ago

When people ask for reboots, what they want are remakes.

Darkfist1666d ago

"Where Does Capcom Go Next With Resident Evil?"
well they can start by making the next resident evil with a character that isnt military trained and fighting zombies,monsters,weskers, every day.

gantarat1666d ago

Resident Evil Outbreak ?

Baccra171666d ago

But just because he isn't militarily trained that doesn't mean I would want a person who isn't capable of fighting or shooting a gun. Plenty of people, at least in the USA, can handle a gun and fight without being militarily trained.

gantarat1666d ago

Capcom should make new ip for focus Actions (With few horror element )

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The story is too old to be commented.