'Early Access Unlikely To Come To PS4 & Xbox One'

NowGamer: "Early access is becoming an increasingly common way of getting games developed and funded, but, according to Don't Starve developer Kevin Forbes, it's unlikely that early access would work on PS4 and Xbox One."

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XiSasukeUchiha1699d ago

Please bring Early access to at least a console

CertifiedGamer1699d ago

We have early access on consoles just look at all the unfinished broken games from EA. Battlefield 4 should have been delayed, but we paid $60 for early access, the difference is EA calls it a finished game.

Jaqen_Hghar1699d ago

a man enjoys this user's jest

Razjin1699d ago

As much as early access sounds good with its pros and cons i rather them just have a selected few try it and give and feedback so they can do their thangggg. So the game that I purchase and play is already complete.

mhunterjr1699d ago

I don't know about early access. For a smaller dev with limited resources for play testing, I get it. But something feels wrong about folks having to pay to help you finish your project. Why don't just have closed beta, and give your biggest supporters early access for free?

Cueil1699d ago

One guys said it so it must be true!!!!

Cueil1699d ago

>_> Early Access was on Xbox 360... how many in development games made it on XBLIG... a ton... was a good platform for many devs to move forward

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