Video: How does the PS4 Tomb Raider compare to the original?

The January lull seems lullier than ever, thanks no doubt to an industry that tired itself out in the process of launching two new consoles late last year, meaning we're left to get excited about re-releases. Crystal Dynamic's Tomb Raider reboot has at least had the decency to doll itself up for the occasion, hitting the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with new character models and enhanced visuals for the 'Definitive Edition'.

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mewhy321695d ago

I think the new version compares favorably to the old.

snookiegamer1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

It feels butter smooth to play and the textures are way better. The only disappointing thing is the character models...

Only Lara has had extra attention. They didn't even bother to re-model the NPC's, which are still PS3 quality.

I purchased TR on PS3 (for just £15) which is already excellent. It's really not worth a £50 re-purchase just for some nice hair physics and sharper visuals. But for first timers, you're in for a treat!

JackVagina1695d ago

Was the 2 minute comparison of the CGI opening necessary? obviously its not gonna look any different

Visualift1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )


moujahed1695d ago

So basically you're comparing Blu-Ray HD to DVD-HD... hmmm, wtf was the point of this?

Dynasty20211695d ago

It's because console fans want to be able to say their version looks better than the PC's version.

Considering the PS4 version has had new textures added and an almost completely new modelled Lara, yeah, I'm not surprised it "looks better".

Add those textures to PC though and PC will of course look better.

But here's what they DON'T TELL YOU:

Tomb Raider isn't that demanding on PC anyway. So it's no wonder the PS4 can reach 60 FPS on it.

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