MLB 14: The Show - Online Franchise Mode in for PS3

GoodGameBro writes, "A picture from a recent event in Taiwan has confirmed that MLB 14: The Show will have Online Franchise for PS3. Also, the first off-camera gameplay footage can be seen from the event."

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WeAreLegion1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

The animations are phenomenal...and this is the PS3 version.

Kevin263851510d ago

Exactly. It is a safe assumption that Online Franchise is coming to PS4 as well. I can't wait to see gameplay. We should see something soon, considering the game is supposed to drop in March.

Psychotica1510d ago

Makes me excited for Spring, can't wait until winter is over..

PR_FROM_OHIO1510d ago

I'm so ready to see the PS4 version!!!!

GhostTurtle1510d ago

Dude, totally. I can't wait.

ion6661510d ago

In terms of sports games we will enter the matrix when this game comes out.

theXtReMe11510d ago

I've been highly anticipating footage and pictures of the PS4 version of this game. It's going to be my first year with The Show. If this is the PS3 version, the PS4 version should look real. Cant wait!

Kevin263851510d ago

There have been a couple of screenshots for the PS4 version. Here they are:

TriangleOffense1510d ago

Cmon gimme a release date and ps4 bundaroo