Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Gets Yet Another Gameplay Video

A new off-screen video for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is now available, showcasing stage 4-1

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Garethvk1664d ago

I think this could be a key factor on the long term viability of the Wii U. We played it at Comic Con last year as well as at E3 and it is fun. Not groudbreaking, but fun. If this and Mario Kart 8 can interest fans to get the console then things will be looking up for Nintendo. If not, then I think their slide will only continue.

UltimateMaster1664d ago

Is it me, or do the SNES Donkey Kong Country look more realistic and less cartoonish than this one?

Garethvk1664d ago

The focus was on the ability to go into the distance on the map rather than a strait side scroller and platform jumper.

BullyMangler1664d ago

you sound like you have yet to pass DK Returns <<<

Do yourself a favor and get it. TRUST.

If you do get the game .. .

1. Buy as many red balloons as possible

2. Try your best to collect the letters

Your gaming skills will be put to the test.

RetroGamingBlog1664d ago

It looks fun! My only complaint is it just looks like more of the same. I was hoping that there would be a shift in gameplay dynamics or at least in the mechanics of the game. As it is it could be DLC from the wii version - just with a higher resolution. By that, i was hoping for something a little more.

That's not to say I'm not interested, but I think it shows a complete lack of creativity from the developers and it's why some nintendo fans were a let down at the reveal. At best it looks like a launch game, but a very good one.

Concertoine1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

If the last one is anything to go by there will be new gameplay concepts almost every level. I mean i dont know how you can look at DK dodging a giant wheel of cheese on a rocket propelled barrel and say the devs arent creative xD. Also theyve shown new ways to play the minecart levels and how the dynamic camera changes gameplay. Also the new characters.
I think this is about as much evolution you can expect from a platformer.

-Foxtrot1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

I can't see the difference either


The only main difference is that it's HD and the health box on the top left corner of the screen is different. It's no San Andreas to GTA4 or Metal Gear Solid to Sons of Liberty...hell even Drakes Fortune to Among Thieves and that was on the same console

Quetzll1664d ago


It's the same engine. So, yes, it'll look very similar. You also took an up-rezzed photo of the wii version and compared it to a poor screenshot of the wiiU version.


The first one didn't have underwater levels. The first one only had donkey and diddy. Those two things, alone, are an obvious sign that this one will plenty of new things to show.

We've also only seen the first few levels

Vegamyster1664d ago

People who have had hands on for most of the game said the level design is more diverse then the original, obviously the gameplay itself hasn't changed much but it doesn't need to at this point, the original had very tight & satisfying controls for all its sections.

KonsoruMasuta1664d ago

The under water parts of this gameplay remind me of the underwater levels in Crash Bandicoot 3, especially when he does that spin attack.

maniacmayhem1664d ago

Absolutely gorgeous! Nintendo are the kings of good old fashioned 2d arcade fun.

I love the look of this game, just bright and colorful like the old Saturday morning cartoons. Can't wait to play this.

king_george1664d ago

Yup not many people can craft such great platformers like nintendo can and even less can make them such instant classics :)

mcstorm1664d ago

I agree and can't wait for this game.

RetroGamingBlog1664d ago

I just wanted to iterate that I think the game looks fun. I didn't want my comment to be taken to the context that I thought this game wasn't. I guess my expectations have been burned. I love Ninty, but I'm really at the end of the road where I want to see evolution. Maybe I'm outgrowing the series? I was there at the very start on the SNES and it's slowly improved with each successor.

I'm in a strange place with Ninty atm. One hand I adore them, but I can't help but feel my allegiance to them is drawn through nostalgia. What ever it is, I've certainly done my bit for WiiU. I love the console. Spent a lot on software and absolutely love ZombiU.

I also felt disappointed with the 3 D World reveal, but pleasantly surprised when playing through. I hope to see some innovative and fun games in 2014. X and bayonetta 2 are two cracker games I'm drawn too. I hope there's more to come - above the 2014 announcements.

Anyway. I'm drifting off topic. Being a Nintendo fan has been difficult from the n64 days, it's depressing. I really hope this year shows promise, and with the next Nintendo console - whenever it arrives, I'm definitely going to hold off until a lot more games are available.