The top 10 Games you should play/buy right now on your PS4

The top 10 Games you should play/buy right now on your PS4

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MysticStrummer1787d ago

Multiple pages for a list this short = No extra clicks from me

I already have Flower on PS3. Are there extra effects or something extra about the visuals?

Resogun does look cool, but not something I'd buy right away.

I'd definitely get DCUO and probably KZ, but not the others in the tags up there.

Don't Starve looks fun to me.

rashada071787d ago

Resogun is great! and fun to platinum. Also not only does flower look a little better but the DS4 makes the game control so much easier- night and day really when compared to DS3. Also I am pretty sure if you purchased flower on PS3 you get it on PS4 for free with cross-buy. I know I didn't buy it a second time..

viccrack1787d ago

yaa i am still trying to find a good plugin for my site to get rid of that multiple pages thingy ..

TheEnigma3131787d ago

Resogun is free if you have ps+. You get a month trial when you buy the ps4.

MysticStrummer1787d ago

Nice! Yeah I just watched a Don't Starve vid on YouTube. Apparently that's free too with PS+.

inmusicutrust1787d ago

Don't starve won't be free much longer. I believe in early Feb they take it down to make room for outlast.

moujahed1787d ago

I came within a hairs length of buying Trine 2... I want to... but I rather burn the 19.99 on Fifa cards.

moujahed1787d ago

Resogun is AMAZING BTW!!! & Free so no need to buy, If you are a sports head buy whatever sports game you desire for you will not be disappointed. KSF is the best looking PS4 game at the present moment, AC Black Flag is fun and BF4 despite it's buggy ways should fullfill your FPS desires if the free FPS games did not already.

Oh yeah for my U.S.A PSN users, create a new PSN account but set your region to Australia so you can download WarThunder for free. in case you get bored with everything else youh ave.

Mr_InterNational1787d ago

Why does it say that it's a must buy for Resogun when that game is free?

Ace Killa 081787d ago

For non-PS+ members it isn't.

KakashiHotake1787d ago

Why are these sites still using the images of PS4 when it was still in the rumor phase? I mean seriously it makes no sense.

undertowjones1787d ago

There's ten games for ps4?

inmusicutrust1787d ago

And half of them are free if your on ps+.

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