GTA V Tsunami Mod Takes Los Santos Underwater

T1 - PS3 modder Bushigan has flooded Los Santos with a GTA V Tsunami mod

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Hellsvacancy1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Mods for the PS3? that's really cool

R* should add it, multiplayer would be fun

Fixay1544d ago

I'm sure we'll start seeing these mods in random multiplayer games soon lol just like we did back on GTA IV.

Oldman1001544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Imagine the possibilities.

Make it so your stamina meter slowly drains no matter what while in the water.

Create a mode where you start at the airport and you have to race your way to the top of mount chilliad before you drown from the rising water level. Have it start out with the players facing the shore and their getaway vehicles and make them run a fair ways to their vehicles while seeing the giant wave approach them in the distance. It would be intense.

Or a survival mode where you have to swim from rooftop to rooftop, where your goal is to reach a single boat/jet ski that spawns in a random place on the map each round.

Fixay1544d ago

Reminds me so much of Multi Theft Auto where sometimes the map will flood lmao and you have to fly around and save people in the helicopters

MestreRothN4G1544d ago

But but but... Only PCz kAn modz! :(

Marked1544d ago

LMAO!!! You are sadly simple :(

Audiggity1544d ago

Whoa! I'm impressed... not only that the PS3 version was modded so significantly - but because the engine can handle the calculations behind that mod without taking a hit.

Herbalfuzz1541d ago

I agree with Audiggity. The fact that there isn't slowdown with all the water makes me wonder whether this has been built into the game. After all if you go onto a computer in the game and search "God" there is a site that says about playing god. If you do it, it gives you a report saying Los Santos wiped out by a Tsunami. So maybe it's already in the game????? Only a thought.