Former Sony Dev: Wii Was 100M Fad & May Not Be Repeated, Nintendo Have Done S**t Job Promoting Wii U

GB: "Kenny Linder talks about Nintendo selling a console that no one really wants."

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Eonjay1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Makes sense. People blaming the retailers for not promoting the Wii U are misguided. Its Nintendo's job to promote the Wii U. Is it really that difficult to expect companies to take responsibility for their own sales? The casual games still have their Wii so no need to upgrade if it does what they need it to do?

cleft51637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

All the promotion in the world isn't going to change the price tag. The Wii had an incredible price that put it in the mass consumer range of impulse buying. Combine that with a console that showed well on TV and you just had lightning in a bottle.

The problem with the WiiU is that it is harder to explain than the Wii. The Wii was a machine that you could just watch someone play and think how fun it was. The WiiU is a console that you have to get in your hands and spend some time playing it to fully appreciate what the console has to offer. On top of that the $350 debut price tag of the WiiU didn't do it any favors.

The PS4 and Xbox One are in a similar situation, the difference is that these machines are considered cutting edge technology. So that puts a lot of hype behind them, hype is something the mass consumer understands. On top of that Nintendo didn't have enough key games ready to really push their console and they lost their amazing support from EA before the console even launched. All of that makes the WiiU a tough sale. Even so people would still love to own a WiiU for those traditional Nintendo games, but at $300 the WiiU still isn't an impulse buy and that is hurting them big time. Especially with the existence of a $400 PS4.

mcstorm1637d ago

@cleft5 I agree. I got my WiiU on day one and have never regretted it but I can see why the masses will hold off because it is a big bulk of money to put down one something to be used every now and again, where the wii was a great price and was shown off for the family which is where it got most of its sales.

Now the WiiU dose have a great line up of games in MarioU, Sonic Lost world, Lego City, Pikmin 3, Mario 3D world, Nintendo Land, Wii Party U, Wii Fitness U ect but no one knows about most of theses games as there is nothing showing off the consoles where every add break here in the uk any way we see a PS4 and Xbox one advert.

I do think the WiiU is under rated yes it has not got the power of the one and ps4 but gaming is not all about power its about the games and Nintendo have a great history of games but they now need to push there advising side to permute the games and the console.

UltraNova1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

As much as I love Nintendo (my fav console of all time was the N64 after all) I cant help but I agree with this guy.

To this day I am still amazed and baffled by the Wii's gigantic success...

Ok I get it apparently unlocked the unladen casual market but as far as I can recall the ps2(with an even lower price than the wii), ps3 and the 360 had more than enough children/party games to cater to that casual market. Then you had the motion controls ok but 100 M units??

One thing I totally agree is that it wont happen again and not by the same company back to back, not even Sony with the PS2 couldn't do that!

On the other hand I would really like to see Nintendo get its act together and do what they do best >>>games <<< then hardware!! Maybe then, just maybe I will buy another Nintendo console.

CBaoth1637d ago

"but as far as I can recall the ps2(with an even lower price than the wii), ps3 and the 360 had more than enough children/party games to cater to that casual market. Then you had the motion controls ok but 100 M units??"

@Ultra - I think you're underestimating the lack of buttons Wiimotes have in relation to standard gamepads. That was the sheer genius of the Wii, the simplicity of the UI, not motion control per se. People of all age groups could pick up a Wiimote and compete for fun in a variety of recreational sports.

For the first time grandparents could engage their grandchildren on their "turf" and win. Give them too many buttons and you'll confuse a non-gamer. But turn the "remote" sidways, a D-pad to move, and a couple buttons to do stuff they can play with any core gamer. My wife uses it to this day in the winter with her Zumba. You'd never get her to pick up a PS or a Xbox gamepad; Kinect and Move doesn't interest her.

nukeitall1637d ago

I love how armchair marketing experts are talking it up, but why don't they actually give us a detailed plan of what they would do?

Personally, I think:

* the Wii U had a horrible name that is easily confused. Either a rebranding, or at least a huge marketing campaign to explain the new console features, but more importantly the next few points

* Wii U needs a lot more games from first and second party that takes advantage of the Wii U advantage, like the second screen or the Wii motes. Nintendo is king at crafting fun and intuitive games

* Wii U needs a Nintendo Network that has similar capability as the king of online network for console i.e. Xbox Live. They can dumm it down a little for their younger crowd i.e. parent approval of friends and so on. Essentially make it kid friendly and parents will storm to it instead of going to the much more "scart" Xbox One.

* Third party games will likely look visually better on other consoles than Wii U, but there needs to be more support. A large library is hugely important early in the game. Nintendo already squandered a lot of time.

* Attack the Wii Fit market before MS does it. Create a lot more compelling Fitness minded products.

* Lower the price. At $250 it is a lot more attractively priced for the family than a $400 -500 console that is somewhat kid unfriendly.

* Aim for the younger market than Xbox One and PS4.

KevinCubes1637d ago

WiiU ram vs Ps4 ram laughable.

UltraNova1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )



That's the thing right there.. they did something with the Wii that anybody could immediately get their heads around and play something really easy and for the most part fun.

With the Wii U they changed that.. not to mention that if you already bought a Wii why would you buy the U? Certainly, Its not that the casual demographic of the latter has any interest in more horsepower or for the more complicated controller of the Wii U.

In the end its apparent that Nintendo lost the ball this time around.

Makes me have 100m customers with most of them having access to the internet, why didnt they sent them a survey and ask one simple question: What would you like or don't like to see on our next console?

Then all you need to do is average those demands into something economically viable and give it to the people!

Hell why wont anyone do that its beyond me.

Yes I know they have to look at the competition first and all but does anyone here believe that Nintendo has ever done that? at least recently ?

Hemmm NO.

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awi59511637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Nintendo doesnt care they repackaged the gamecube and made a profit from day one they played the masses like a fiddle. Thats why microsoft should have followed nintendos example and ask amd to make them a 8 core version of the 360 proccesor and it would be way better than whats in the xbox one or ps 4. I dont care what the console fanboys say a 8 core cpu running at higher than 3.4 would kick the ass of these laptop cpu's in this generation and then we could really see some next gen games. With a cpu that slow the consooles will hold this generation of games back because cuts will have to be made for the slow as crap cpu speeds. AMD has proven more cores doesnt help games if its slow and weak cores which these consoles have.

hollabox1637d ago

Thank you! Sony and MS would have been better off doubling their CPU core count, switching to Out of Order, and increasing their ALU bit depth. I'm not in loved with next gen GPUs neither, just saw an $130-50 video card keep up with both systems at similar settings.

just-joe1637d ago

How professional. Stay classy.

SnakeCQC1637d ago

in your world blaming the competition for being there is classy?

GarrusVakarian1637d ago

Not quite sure you understand the meaning of 'former'.

Baccra171637d ago

Telling the truth can effect your class status? That's new. I hope they stayed "classy" back then when it was revealed that the world was round, 2+2=4, and that the Earth revolved around the sun.

Mister_Dawg1637d ago

100million fad? What a moron. No fad shifts that amount!

Mister_Dawg1637d ago

Last time I checked with my 8 year old daughter, Furby, Elmo and even Tamagotchi(although under different name now) are all still alive and well. So once again, 100 million is no fad. Perhaps its the number 100 which doesn't quite give it the gravitas it deserves.

100,000,000. Does that help?

WeAreLegion1637d ago

Ok then. Beanie Babies. Jean jackets. Take your pick. The point is...many fads sell well into the hundreds of millions. The Wii had some great games, but Wii Sports sold the system to most people. The attach rate for the Wii is abysmal because of that.

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Gamer19821637d ago

It shifted it because its the only place to get Mario and Zelda dont think its any other reason. The tablet system is a fad and The wiiU should have been an addon for the wii rather than a new console.

lilbroRx1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

But Mario and Zelda games didn't total anywhere near 100m sales on the console. So how does that work?

The highest selling games were Wii Sports. In fact, those are the highest selling games in history.

CrowbaitBob1637d ago

100,000,000 sold. Less than 1% still being used (a generous estimate). The Wii is the very definition of the word fad.

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