Sony Japan Studio’s PS Vita Exclusive Freedom Wars Gets First High Resolution Gameplay Screenshots

SCE Japan Studio’s PS Vita Exclusive Freedom Wars has been showcased so far with excruciatingly small screenshots, not really giving gamers a way to judge the visual quality of the game properly.

At long last Sony decided to release some nicely sized screenies in various resolutions. Some of them match the PS Vita’s pixel count of 960 × 544, while others even get as high as the PS Vita TV’s resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

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3-4-51636d ago

Looks good, what kind of game is this again ?

GentlemenRUs1636d ago

That slogan, Creepy is it not?

killerluffy1231636d ago

Can u plz stop showing screenshot , video or whatsoever and start giving us a CONFIRMATION of localizing Freedom wars this year !!!