Research firm predicts RDR2, GTAV PC/Next Gen In 2014

A report from Baird Equity Research suggests that both RDR2 and GTAV PC/next-gen port might be coming this year.

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KangarooSam1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

A Red Dead game on PS4. Hadn't even considered this yet and I have no clue why. Potentially amazing. Especially considering what Rockstar pulled off with GTA V last generation.

Edit: I wonder how many consecutive endings this sequel will get. :P

Crazyglues1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Yes this makes sense if you think about it, GTA V has sold ridiculous numbers... I mean it's sold (over 30m) more then what would have been considered crazy (24m considered crazy) but it's passed even that..

So just looking at it from a business sense even if this was not the plan, the new plan would be, indeed make a PC version, and if your making a PC copy then of course you can make a PS4/X1 because the consoles have never been this close to a PC, so it would seem like a no brainier.. Unless you don't like money

-And Red Dead was a huge success - more so then even Rockstar* expected. So it's no surprise R*2 was coming, the real question was when, because Rockstar* only brings games out when they are done. So it could be soon or it could be long, just depends on how long they have been working on it.

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KangarooSam1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Just gonna go ahead and point out that GTA V was announced well before release... So the last part of your comment isn't really that accurate. Not a dig at you, or Rockstar, just throwing it out there.

Also, it has been a while since they've done a new type of sandbox game. I mean Red Dead Revolver came out on the original Xbox. Kind of hoping they throw us something new this gen, although they do put a lot of time into developing a game perhaps they've started something fresh..? Hell, they could probably even make a better pirate game than AC4. Anything is possible. Not necessarily asking for another pirate game haha.

extermin8or1665d ago

@kangaroosam: he says released when ready-not announced. Also Red Dead Revolver wasn't made by R* they just purchased the rights before its release. So therefore Red Dead Redemption was their first game in the franchise.

Salooh1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )


Red dead character is dead , i love red dead but without that character it will feel like a different game. I don't like his son a lot. He's just a normal guy not like his father.

Nodoze1665d ago

If this is true I will buy ps4 the day rdr2 releases. Nothing out yet that warrants a purchase IMO.

liquidhalos1665d ago

RDR2, oh my god, music to my ears. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! This is going to be huge

markoghc1665d ago

You do realize this is just a prediction, right?

liquidhalos1665d ago


Absolutely yes, i read the article. That said, predictions of the inevitable do tend to get me excited

3-4-51665d ago

RDR2 - I would much rather play this than any future GTA game.

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Imp0ssibl31666d ago

The GTA V port was obvious, the RDR2 prediction is interesting, hopefully it will happen. Would love to see RDR in next gen.

Alexious1666d ago

Yes, although personally I don't see it happening before Spring 2015. But indeed, it will be amazing for sure.

die_fiend1665d ago

Yeah 2014 is a pipe dream. Do they not remember that gta v just come out? Rockstar hardly spunk out games

Fishy Fingers1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Preferred RDR to either GTA last gen, just felt fresh, never would I of expected to enjoy a game set in the Wild West over modern day. Love to see a next gen sequel.

Festano1666d ago

I preferred RDR as well. Glad to hear I'm not the only one - and I'm not even the biggest WW fan out there!

Highlife1665d ago

Same here. I skipped GTA the past 2 games just doesn't interest me anymore. Red Dead was awesome.

Outside_ofthe_Box1665d ago

Yeah I personally felt that RDR was better than GTA4 and GTA5 and I enjoyed both. Like you said it was just a refreshing experience. GTA 5 had multiple protagonists, but other than that it was more of the same. I would definitely like another Red Dead game for next gen consoles.

liquidhalos1665d ago

I totally agree with you.

I never followed any of the game news back then so i had no idea this game was even released. I just saw this cowboy game on the shelf one day and thought, meh, why not.

Best decision ever, i love that game to pieces absolutely love it, its fresh, funny, full of action and the story wasnt half bad either.

I was sorry to see ***SPOILER*** John Marston get gunned down, but it was the biggest "holy shit, no!!" moment of last gen for me. Epic game

LennyLovespuds1666d ago

I always laugh when I read 'research firm'. Can't help but think it's two young gamers getting high and talking about what games they want to see announced in the coming year.

Summons751666d ago

RDR2 please! Make good use of that GTAV engine by using it on a good world, well written story, and fun characters.


GTA is still fun game...but RDR was just better

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