Representative Gives Official Statement On DualShock 4 Wear And Tear

A representative has issued an official statement on the PS4's DualShock 4 wear and tear issue.

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Septic1632d ago

"we will inspect individual DUALSHOCK®4 controllers experiencing this symptom, and will replace them with new ones for free as long as they are within the warranty"

The thing is, I anticipate that the wear and tear on the DS4 will show up for a lot of people after the warranty has expired.

I don't like how 'slippery' the analog sticks are and I can imagine they will get worn because the rubber layer is quite thin. Some people have even replaced the analog sticks with the DS3 ones (which are terrible imo).

Best thing, I think, will be third party add-ons, like you know, the ones that clip on to the analog sticks.

Eonjay1632d ago

I think we arent used to the sensitivity of the analog sticks. I find myself moving the sticks way harder than I need to. I still have to get used to it. Otherwise the controller feels great to hold. It weird because with DS3 you hold it in your hand. With DS4 the controller kinda "rests" in your hands.

qu1ckset1632d ago

Meh I don't that is the reason me and two my friends have the same issue , mine has a small tear in the very top layer of my left stick , and no it wasn't cut and I take care of my stuff , I've never had this issue on any of my 360 controllers and ps3 controller.

My buddy's DS4's left stick is so bad you can see the plastic under the rubber coating! Not hating on the controller , it's amazing and IMO the best controller made to date but they really need to work on the quality of the sticks!

thekhurg1632d ago

If I could put the Xbox One sticks on a DS4 - it would be a perfect controller for me.

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Eonjay1632d ago


The controller is fine. No one said its perfect and what the hell is the "Perfect Sony" lol. I don't anyone every takes their fanboyism that far lol.

Ju1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

The sticks need to be re-engineered. I hope the DS4 gets updated down the road. I think the sticks are horrible - work fine in shooters, but terrible for e.g. sports games.

dantesparda1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

I dont know how anyone can think that the rubber on the analog sticks is "slippery", what are you sweating to death or something? Also, people stop saying its the "sticks", its the rubber on the sticks that is wthe problem/wearing away, not the "sticks" themselves. Also, I believe that this is a very widespread problem, that is being swept under the rug. Sony needs to fix this issue/problem as soon as possible and they need to make the fix as painless as possible.

And fanboys need to stop denying facts. Just like how the Xbox/MS fanboys were denying the RROD and what happened? it went on for years, same with this, acknowledge it right away so it can get fixed asap

And sorry Ju but i disagree, the sticks are not "terrible" for sport games they are fine

Irishguy951631d ago

Haha, remember all the damage control when the first reports of this came out. Now everyones coming out and admitting it after Sony confirms it. Stay classy N4G.

DragonKnight1631d ago

Clearly people don't know how to read the article. Illiteracy must be a bigger global problem than is reported.

Sony never confirmed anything. The response was "a small number of people have been reporting wear and tear, the rubber meets QA standards, we'll investigate individual occurrences" and even the article states it could be a manufacturing defect which is a case by case problem.

This has nothing to do with Sony's design for the controller or anything like that.

I repeat, I and many many people have been using our controllers for the PS4 since launch without any of the issues stated. This is just like the "launch failures" articles that exaggerated the 1% of defective PS4's as being a far higher number.

Read a book, read a book, read a mother f***ing book.

lolCHILLbro1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Sony fanboys: its the best controller!!!! then breaks the next day lol

on topic: if it was a small number of users who reported this, then why did they feel the need to make a statement about this?

lsujester1631d ago

Because people won't shut up about it. Goons on the internet are a small percentage of overall users, but they are by far the most vocal.

DragonKnight1631d ago

lolCHILLbro: Xbox fanboys: Microsoft spent millions on improving the Xbox One controller, over 40 new improvements!!

*Controller is exactly the same*

on topic: Do you know what constitutes a small number amongst millions? Seriously "bro" you try too hard.

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ChrisW1631d ago

"the rubber material of the analogue sticks fulfills our quality assurance standard"

This isn't the best PR thing to say when there's an obvious quality flaw...

DragonKnight1631d ago

@ChrisW: Yes it is when Sony expects something and it doesn't happen in manufacturing. They can't control and test every single controller that's made. They can only provide specifications and hope they are met in the manufacturing process.

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lnfiniteLoop1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

in the UK there is a fit for purpose rule which kicks in… so the outside warrenty will not wear if it is a known problem/defect with Sony's pad...

would be nice if someone produce replacement sticks (regular and mushroom style), so people dont need to deal with Sony for an exchange, they can just DIY...

anyway, I personally dont like the new style thumbsticks so fitted some "ORB PS4 thumb grips" which make the pad more like the PS3 mushroom sticks that I prefer… also have a SCUF gamepad for my 360 which has mushroom sticks… just prefer mushroom/domed/convex sticks...

Septic1632d ago

Ah yeah, under the Sale of Goods Act 1979. I forget what the limitation period is but yeah, I will be relying on that if a problem does arise.

Raf1k11632d ago

I think there are rubber grips you can purchase which fit onto the existing sticks. I've seen some on Amazon UK and people seem quite happy with them.

How easy is it to replace the sticks on a controller? Never felt comfortable opening one up in case I break something.

sprinterboy1632d ago

I dont have any problems with ds4 but i do get the slipperyness after a few hrs of gameplay, i use baby wipes from £1 shop lol, seem to fix slippy sticks for a few more hrs

GarrusVakarian1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Ive replaced my DS4 analogues with these after my left stick showed signs of wear:

You get a pair xbox 360 style covers and a pair of DS3 style covers with little bumps all over for grip. I hated the original DS3 sticks but these DS3 style covers are really good.

If anybody bought their Dualshock 4 (with the PS4, not separate) from Amazon, contact them and complain, they gave me a £70 refund on my entire PS4 order.

Rainstorm811632d ago

It's Always that left wore through this about to take Sony up on their offer

XANDEO1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

I use them orbs there great. I put the dualshock one on the left and the 360 style one on the right, sounds strange but it is so much more comfortable for sprinting and aiming in fps's. I believe the left stick gets worn down faster by pressing it down to sprint in fps's.

Ju1631d ago

Ah, good to know. Have to get me those.

liquidhalos1632d ago

Mine have just started to wear the last 2 days, you can clearly see where the rubber has started to thin out, it wont be long before it wears through. I might try take mine back today

liquidhalos1632d ago

Well i took it back to Game (UK) today, I got turned away, apparently they wont replace it until it wears through completely. Fair enough I guess, the longer i hold on to it the better chance i have of getting the revised edition

Fixay1632d ago

My PS4 is like a plane playing Warframe, BF4 and Killzone and my controllers thumb stick seem to be wearing down really fast on the left stick only..

Also my R1 always gets stuck and I often take it out and clean it. Feel like I should return it under warranty just worried who I would return it to? Tesco or should I contact Sony?

Also worried because of stock levels being so crap

nitrogav1632d ago

Both of my R1`s are sticking . I`m blaming Battlefield 4 . R1 is the spotting button !! .

GiantEnemyCrab1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Yikes, two instances right next to each other in the comment section about the controller wearing out? The thing hasn't even been out 3 months yet. Not good. Will probably break just outside of warranty.

Drekken1632d ago

You don't say... wear and tear will show up after warranty for most people? You have got to be the most insightful poster on this site completely deserving of all his bubbles. I look forward to reading more about your very smart insight on normal product wear and tear.

My analogs are fine... with a total of over 350 hours played I have no signs of peeling or rubber tearing.

Septic1632d ago

Calm down mate. In fact, your comment reaffirms what I was saying:

"My analogs are fine... with a total of over 350 hours played I have no signs of peeling or rubber tearing."

So your useless sarcastic comment aside, how about you employ some logic for once. Chances are, the longer people use the analog sticks, the increased likelihood of them wearing out no?

Drekken1632d ago

How about you apply some logic and realize that wear and tear after a year isn't really an issue. I have no idea why only certain people are getting worn down analogs... Mine are fine and show no signs of wearing down.

Of course when you use something a lot it is going to wear down from normal usage. That really isn't a Sony issue. That is my point.

Septic1632d ago

"How about you apply some logic and realize that wear and tear after a year isn't really an issue. I have no idea why only certain people are getting worn down analogs... Mine are fine and show no signs of wearing down. "

Look at the comments in this article and how many people have problems with the analog sticks. Just because your analog sticks are fine doesn't mean everyone else's are.

"Of course when you use something a lot it is going to wear down from normal usage. That really isn't a Sony issue. That is my point."

What are you on about?? IT IS a Sony issue. Who else manufactured the controllers? This isn't a normal problem. The analog sticks should not wear out so soon, let a lone after a year's worth of usage.

Your point is wrong.

Sayai jin1632d ago

My only problem with this is that this should have been identified and remedied before. I expect hardware to fail no matter how good they are built and sony is known for designing rock solid console. These kinds of wear and tear are usually identified during environmental and physical assessments. It's good they are replacing them for free. One of mine wore out in much KZ LOL.

PsylentKiller1632d ago

Yeah, add-ons are probably going to be the best remedy for this. I like the Kontrolfreaks but only for the 360 for the XB1 I'm fine with the sticks for some reason. On the PS3 and PS4, the sticks are symmetrical so I don't think it will work as we'll. also, I don't like the heifpght difference between the stick and the buttons. I just want some kind of slip on cover that won't spin. But I do have to say, the DS4 is the overall better controller this gen. The touchpad alone makes it a more capable controller. I love my XB1 controller but it's too loud, everything is so clicking clack, I feel like I'm going to wake my Fiancé when I game at night.

pheature1632d ago

you can purchase grips you know and plastic covering for your ds4 to give it protection.
so i dont see why people are complaining, althou it would be good if these accsessories where free with the pad.
but whats a few quid when you've spend 50 on a pad

Sayai jin1632d ago

@pheature- why should anyone have to buy anything extra. A controller's pad should not wear i weeks to a few months. Again, it's not the money aspect for buying it. This is something that should have been remedied before launch.

yeahokchief1632d ago

The rubber stays on perfect. I'm on my PS4 literally 24/7 and they're in perfect condition.

THE ONLY WAY you wear out the material on the joysticks is if you are rubbing your nails against the material.

Otherwise they stay perfect.

dantesparda1631d ago

Not true, mine wore out in just 6-7 days and i have no nails. Its an issue with the rubber

yeahokchief1631d ago

I havent had a single friend complain about it. You must have gotten unlucky with yours then.

Sarcasm1632d ago

How greasy and tough are some of you guys playing on that controller? Serious question, not trolling or anything.

The way I play games I'm generally pretty gentle with them and all my controllers have had zero issues on the PS3, X360, and now PS4.

dantesparda1631d ago

I think i play gently to and it still wore out in just 6-7 days. This a real problem and Sony needs to not only replace the controllers but actually fix the problem so that it doesnt keep happening

ZombieKiller1631d ago

From all the click sprinting, Call of Duty ruins controllers. I know that from my DS3's sticking on the left analog.

As for normal wear and tear, I like to treat myself to a new controller about every 2 years anyway so it's no biggie for me (wear and tear).

Besides, the more controllers, the longer you can game :)
Charge the dead one while you use the live ones!

@Eon: Dude you're right on that one! I found myself treating my PS4 controllers like my PS3 ones because of the spacing of the analog sticks. It's almost like you have to reprogram yourself to play a certain way.
Just another thing to get used to!

imt5581631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

I play games on my PS4 about month and a half and rubber on analog sticks are fine.

You can buy replacement here :

wsoutlaw871631d ago

Mine still show no signs of wear. Im not sure if the people complaining are doing something wrong and actually pushing on the ridges or if im just lucky. Maybe its a problem with only some ds4s.

lipton1011631d ago

There's a problem not quite as widespread that I've been suffering. As much as I love the controller, I am disappointed that it's not as durable as it should be. My sticks are fine, it's the triggers that keep breaking on me. To date I've broken 3 controllers. Sony had been wonderful in replacing them but to go through a controller every 30 days is not normal. I have large hands and I tend to squeeze my triggers instead of pulling them. It's how I've always played. The squeeze, in turn, weakens the plastic hinge pin until it eventually snaps, leading to a trigger that does not reset following depression. Has anyone else been having this issue? I might write a blog and post photos of what I've been experiencing.

LeCreuset1631d ago

I think it's one of those problems where you either have it or you don't.

DaGR8JIBRALTAR1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

@SEPTIC exactly,the rubber on these sticks are HORRIBLE!

ITPython1630d ago

I got hooked on the FPSFreeks about a year ago on my PS3 controller. When I first started using the PS4 controller I didn't like how short the sticks were, so I stuck on the CQC FPSFreeks (the shortest ones available) and it works wonderfully on both sticks for my PS4. IMO, puts them both at just the perfect height, and since the DS4 sticks are further apart from eachother (compared to the DS3 sticks) my thumbs aren't colliding.

Normally I don't use the stick extenders on the left stick, but the DS4 has such short sticks that it ends up working out great if both have the CQC versions. Now the extenders aren't super-tight on the sticks and tend to swirl around in a circle, so I just stuck some scotch tape in between the extenders and the DS4 sticks and they stay put.

So I have no idea of the DS4 sticks will wear or not, but I never plan on using them without stick extenders, I can tell you that much.

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Eonjay1632d ago

Sounds like a solid resolution. Personally I am very rough with my controller and I have had no issues so this issue does seem isolated. I would be upset if it happened to me so it good to see him get a free replacement.

lnfiniteLoop1632d ago

to right he should be giving a free replacement - for some the thumbsitcks are not made strong enough and possibly should be made better considering its a part that gets alot of use…

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1632d ago

the only problem i have is my left analog grip is ripped just a piece of it from using it so much

Mr-Dude1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

I have the PS4 since launch, my controller is fine. No damage on the left stick or something else...

Maybe it's isolated? I saw a pretty damaged one in a gamestore, but then a lot of people touch those controllers

KingKelloggTheWH1632d ago

I treat my controllers like crap, I've killed PS2, Ps3,Xbox,Xbox 360 and gamecube controllers, so far I am having No issues with my Ps4 controller.

Ninjamonkey821632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Im the same as you m8 expect for bouncing the control pad off the wall threw rage. Hence the things cost to much now days i still give the contol pads a right play threw and i've got to say im more than confused as to where people are having a problem with wear and tear with the left hand stick.

All i can think is they are sticking kontrol freaks onto them and breaking them that way. Hell i recently had a look at some my older 360 pads after removing some them things and they where ate up to hell :D.

But when it comes to thumb to analog stick doing the damage my ps4 has had no such issues.

KingKelloggTheWH1632d ago

Yeah, I honestly don't know what these people are doing, I know quite a few people with PS4's and None have had any controller issues like these ones.

Tody_ZA1632d ago


These people aren't doing anything. It is unrealistic to assume that every gamer facing these analogue issues were all negligent.

I myself take great care of my tech. I could still use my original Sixaxis controllers by the end of the PS3's life cycle even.

Yet my DS4 controllers, which I love, suffered these issues as well.

It's simply a manufacturing defect by the looks of it. The statement itself suggests it is known and is not the fault of the user.

Bennibop1632d ago


I am having the issue with the controller but I look after them. Looks like the rubber is peeling away on the left hand stick on the bottom hand corner. I understand that not everyone is having it but that is like due to how different people grip the pad.

Sayai jin1632d ago

@KingKellog - It's not just a few people. This is a well known issue. I have only broken or worn down one controller since my Adam PC days. My 360 controller left thumb stick broke from wear and tear after a few years. I take car of all my items. My DS4 wore down considerably in the first month and half and now my son's DS4 is wearing out already too.

ThatOneGuyThere1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

I treat my electronics with great care. Yet, both of my DS4's left sticks are eating themselves. My 360 controller is also eating itself, but it took about 4 years for that to happen. There is definitely a problem with these things. Im sure the problem will be fixed soon. In the meantime, ive ordered a set of stick pads from amazon. I play BF4 about 2 hours a night on average. BTW the rest of the controllers is perfect. It seems to be the rubber padding on the sticks. And i've only seen it on the left side.

JaPo1631d ago

Are you incapable of considering the possibility that not all the controllers were manufactured identically, and that other people might have different experiences with the controller even if they have looked after it better than yourself?

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