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VGBUZZ Author writes- I have been looking forward to writing this review ever since I took the PX22 out of its box, and after using it for a few days I am even more excited to tell you about this amazing headset. As soon as I opened the box, I knew I was in for a treat. This thing looks good, and not just because I like black and blue. Along with the signature Turtlebeach logo, the PX22 sports an MLG logo, which in itself made me feel ready to go to the pros. But let’s get to the good stuff.

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Snookies121667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Hah, I just got this headset a little bit ago. It's really great, I'm loving the thing! I actually paid only $20 bucks out of pocket for it. :]

Works with my PC, works with my PS3, and works with my Vita. Couldn't be happier with that.

techologie1667d ago

Wow! $20..Awesome...yeah this is a pretty sweet headset - I like the multi platform support

JeromeNtheHouse1667d ago


How'd u get it for $20? Or did u have some credit or sell some stuff to only come out of pocket for $20?

Snookies121667d ago

Yeah, I had some credit, on top of a coupon, on top of a certain percentage off. Things just seemed to line up perfectly lol.

qu1ckset1667d ago

I guess these are here to compete with the tritton kunai's ?? , I guess there good started headset but I'd highly recommend saying your money for a better headset , I've tried 3 different headsets in my PS4 (kunai's,PX4's, A50's) and I must say the sound did fence between the 3 are night and day!

Grave1667d ago

I have these and I highly recommend them. They work perfectly on my PC, PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. The stand out for me is the sound quality of the mic which is one of the clearest you can find. It's better than a $250 headset that I had and took back before finding these. They also work great with the EarForce DSS.