Five 2014 Gaming Predictions - AMHNetwork

Nothing said about the Steambox, but AMHNetwork have discussed five predictions they have for gaming in 2014.

Agree with their thoughts?

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JeffGUNZ1578d ago

I highly doubt they will cut the price of xbox and if they do, to the same as PS4. Makes no sense at a financial level since MS is exceeding expected sales for the X1. MS does have the money to cut prices to compete with sales, but it doesn't matter to them if they are exceeding their projected numbers,

EA prediction, eh, I will believe it when I see it. LIVE 14 was the biggest joke of a game I have played in a long time.

I expect a holiday Uncharted and a holiday Halo release.

Ac7iVe1578d ago

I hope we see Zelda and metroid my two favorite video game franchises. A price drop for xbone would be nice to. EA is dead to me killing the game industry with microtransactions, what happened to the days where u beat a game to unlock awesome things like costumes, hard mode, additional content....

DoggyBiscuit1578d ago

I doubt they will show us a new Metroid this year since Nintendo haven't hire a team to work on the game yet but as far as ZeldaU goes I just can't wait til E3