Don't Starve Will Not Be Getting Co-Op Mode

NowGamer: "A lot of people have been telling us that they would love to see some kind of co-op or multiplayer mode added to the excellent Don't Starve, so, we asked developers Klei whether they had any plans to add something of this sort to the game."

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TimmyShire1700d ago

Shame the PS4 version can't be modded like on PC. Not that I particularly wanted co-op.

Dynasty20211700d ago

Get a PC then?

Consoles will never see modding.

csreynolds1700d ago

Unreal Tournament 3 for PS3 allowed mods - that's just one game that busts your theory...

moujahed1700d ago

I wouldn't mind a co-op mode but it seems to me the game isn't designed to have any form of help.

ThatCanadianGuy5141700d ago

Yeah.Real shame tho, it's tough to get anything done in what game day tho.I spend most of the day just trapping rabbits, butchering, drying/cooking.Lucky to have time to chop a few logs or explore before night kicks in.

Having a co-op buddy to split the daily chores would be amazing.Ah well, maybe one day.

moujahed1700d ago

Yea but then it takes way the planning and methods to adapt to these things. I've watched guys play on day 500+. My highest so far is 14, I spend the first day collecting logs,grass,twigs and fruit... I guess once you find a good place to camp and set up chest and all that it will be easier. The real challenge comes when you go deep underground, that place might be Hell.

Omegasyde1700d ago

If they Add Co-Op they should scale the difficulty.

More hounds when they come, More Deerclops, and more mobs.

Perhaps even introduce new monsters.

Bloodjunkie1700d ago

All this makes me very sad and unhappy.

ZodTheRipper1700d ago

They denied coop a long time ago for PC, the game is designed as a singplayer game from ground up. Would be cool in a sequel though.

ChattyGamer1700d ago

Ah pants! i wanted co-op :(

lonelyplayer1700d ago

Been playing this for days in my ps4. My record is day 65 and I'm my way to beat it.

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