Xbox Gets a Price Cut at Fry’s For a Limited Time

If you want an Xbox One but don’t want to spend the whole $499.99 it costs, this may be your chance. Retailer Fry’s is offering Microsoft’s new console at a special price only until January the 30th.

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Insomnia_841661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Discounted 2 months after release. The first discounts were overseas and now here in the states. Looks like something's not flying off the shelves.

Interesting stuff.

snookiegamer1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

I don't think this is an official price cut, but it should be. The XB1 is seriously overpriced for what you're getting.

If you're just into games, XB1 is a terrible deal next to the PS4 and maybe the incoming Steam offerings.

I can't help feeling MS could have shifted an extra 500,000 - 1 Mil units if they had sold the Xbox One for $349 or no more than $399.

pornflakes1661d ago

If you are just into games, you are not buying a ONE or PS4 yet, since you can play on the 360 or PS3 with a way better libary.

If you want to choose a next GEN platform than yes.. the X1 has RIGHT now better line up. You just need to know if it's worth to pay 500 bucks for 2 or 3 good games.

I borrowed a PS3 from my friend with Borderlands2, Beyond 2 Souls, Last of US, Rage, Skyrim, Bioshock Infinite and i am fine with that :)

BTW. Rage on PS3 on my 32 inch TV looks as good as KZ Shadow Fall on PS4.

Only Fanboys buy a console on DayONE/ Q1... the casual gamer is waiting.

Bathyj1661d ago

Did you even hear yourself then?

Charybdis1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Think its not really a promotion or price cut from Microsoft but more a promotion from fry's (competing with other retailers) to get more people in their store. Could ofcourse also mean that they bought too large amount of stock which is taking up too much room in storage.

Well at least its free promotion for xb1 20$ of deal.

MysticStrummer1660d ago

"the X1 has RIGHT now better line up."


"Rage on PS3 on my 32 inch TV looks as good as KZ Shadow Fall on PS4."


OT - I wonder how these price cuts work. Does MS have to approve or can the store sell them for whatever it wants since according to MS the units are already sold…? Either way, the store doesn't want inventory that just sits there.

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harrisk9541661d ago

Honestly... No reason for price cut if it was moving off the shelves. The PS4 will not see any sort of price cut any time soon.

Blaze9291661d ago

$20...are we really about to start conspiracy theories over $20? N4G for ya I swear, make a headline out of anything.

ThePope1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

No matter what is said about the Xbox One on N4G good or bad, the Sony fanboys wet themselves to say its a sign of doom.

Hell they could announce a sweet exclusive and someone would say "Microsoft had to announce it since I heard from a friend that his friends cousin saw an Xbox one day one addition at Game Stop!"

Fry's is a massive retailer. They can afford to do this as they know this will drive other sales in the store. So I would say the logic that something's wrong is well wrong. They see demand as high enough that $20 will drive traffic.

Snookies121661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Eh, if it were like 50 bucks off I might bite. It's a neat system, and I've had fun with it at my friend's place. But, honestly I'm more about games than media. The PS4 is more up my alley, considering it can run games at better resolutions and frame rates, not to mention I just love Sony's willingness to try new things with fresh IPs.

Don't get me wrong, I love Halo, had a lot of fun with Forza, Dead Rising can be entertaining, but that's all Microsoft really has for me personally. It's just not enough to get me to pay $500 dollars for a console that honestly doesn't perform as well as its $100 dollar cheaper competition.

Septic1661d ago

Well there's a lot more in the horizon beyond Halo, Forza and the like.

For now though, yeah I agree, there isn't much to justify such a steep price. In fact, I would say the same about the PS4 actually. I haven't touched either console in quite a while and am trying to rinse through my back-catalogue of games.

Snookies121661d ago

Yeah, I haven't bought a PS4 either. Though InFamous looks really good. It's certainly a title that's tempting me to go next-gen. I'm interested in seeing what the future holds for PS4 and X1. I plan on getting at least one by the end of the year, we'll see which one has more promising titles coming up by then.

Cueil1661d ago

Microsoft invest 1 billion dollars into gaming opening a few studios and starting several new game IPs... I don't think you'd lose purchasing either console... I have both

Deeke1661d ago

Dual shockers is taking over N4G - and I'm okay with that! :D

Agent_hitman1661d ago

See guys?, you can sense MS's desperation in their price cut strategies for the past generation..

They're losing a lot of money selling this at a loss (loss leader)... Trying to recapture their consumers who jumped ship to sony.

Fishy Fingers1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

The retailer dropped $20 for less than a week. This isn't a nationwide manufacturers price drop done by MS. Don't be such a drama queen.

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