An Even Rarer Version of the Nintendo World Championship Cart Appears On eBay

The grey cartridge that appeared on eBay had its label torn off, yet it sold for $99,000, and it officially became a world-record for a video game sold. That’s because Nintendo only created 90 of these carts and because of that, it is sought as an expensive, and very limited collectable.

However…that record might not last.

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WitWolfy1702d ago

That cartridge could be fake for all we know. I mean look it doesnt even have the Nintendo World championship sticker on it. Unlike the one AVGN has.

admiralvic1702d ago

To be fair, it could look completely legit and still be a fake. Not like having a sicker that could have easily been made suddenly makes it more legit looking than not.

penguinhunter1702d ago

It could be, but to sell for that much, it would be doubtful the sale would go through if it was deemed fake, thanks for ebay's protection policies.

Stringerbell1702d ago

I thought I was a big shot winning my bid for Project Justice on the Dreamcast...

Oldman1001701d ago

Some guy called Pat the NES punk has both the grey and gold cartridges in mint condition. He even brought them to the pawn stars.

Ripsta7th1701d ago

The other one wasnt sold for 99,... they guy said it was a mistake(buyer)