Final Fantasy XIV Free PS3 to PS4 Upgrade Detailed; Special PS4 Site Coming

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn players currently on the PS3 version of the game would be given the option to upgrade to the PS4 version (that will launch on April 14th) for free, and today Square Enix detailed the process, also giving more details about an upcoming special PS4 site and more.

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Richlando1695d ago

Day one. Been waiting on this for my PS4 purchase.
So very ready!

moujahed1695d ago

Yea I stopped at like lvl 30+ once GTA V came out and haven't played it since... This will definitely kickstart it all over again, I missed out on so much and may have gotten kicked out of the guild, lmfao.

Eonjay1695d ago

Free upgrade. Yes please. I must say they have handled FF14's reboot very well

Kinger89381695d ago

So does this mean i can buy the ps3 version now, keep it sealed until ps4 version releases then redeem my free ps4 upgrade and use my include month of play time from there onwards?

Its only £10 new in local asda so im tempted

WitWolfy1695d ago

Thats dumb, why disable the one version to enable another??? Doesnt make sense!!!

Agent_hitman1695d ago

Wow it's really good to see some MMOs on PS4 and it would lure a lot of gamers to buy the machines and I heard that most of the MMO titles were free to play/download.. :)

I would love to play FF14 once I buy PS4..

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