Uncharted PS4 Actor Drops a Series of Mysterious Tweets Hinting at the Plot of the Game

GearNuke: "Todd Stashwick is currently doing motion-capture for the upcoming Uncharted on the PS4. He was also the voice-over for the teaser trailer. He has dropped a couple of ambiguous tweets, perhaps hinting at the plot and settings of Uncharted PS4."

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Crossbones1701d ago

I square, they better have Nathan Drake in this game or else.

Snookies121701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

It's going to be an absolutely amazing game regardless. I trust Naughty Dog to deliver... With or without Nate. I'm fine either way. To be honest, as much as I love Nathan... I think it could be refreshing for a new character to step in on this one. Regardless of whether or not we get a new character, I'm buying this day one no doubt.

ShugaCane1701d ago

I'm buying this day one regardless, too.

However, Uncharted without Nathan would be like Tomb Raider without Lara Croft, or MGS without (a) Snake. lol. I would miss him a lot, it's one of the best characters ever.

But I trust ND. With or without him, they're still going to come up with an amazing game.

abzdine1701d ago

yeah man! Nathan would be great but maybe they can do it like MGS2 with a new character playable most of the game to have a safe transition.

hellzsupernova1701d ago

Uncharted is Nathan drake, Nathan drake is uncharted.

I trust naughty dog of course but uncharted without Nathan would be weird. Nathan a sully best gaming combo ever!

-Foxtrot1701d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

I don't know like, the game will be amazing no doubt but even still it's not Uncharted without Nathan Drake and I feel like with our first Uncharted game on the PS4 and probably the last one for a while since ND will want to do other things we better see Drake again.

Nolan, Richard and Emily aren't getting any younger you know.

Nathan Drake is vital to's like doing Tomb Raider without Lara Croft.

I don't think it's something we should let go "Oh well it's ND, I trust them" know what I mean.

There is no point doing a spin off or a prequel as a main console game. I want them to push the series forward not take steps back.

Kryptix1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

I wouldn't mind Nathan Drake and a new protagonist for a fresh perspective. Maybe they can have you play someone from the past trying to uncover or bury treasure for a quarter of the game and then switch to Nathan in the present time figuring it out and finally uncovering it. It would be cool to see how it was in the past and how it is now, giving a fresh new take to the treasure hunting and adventuring.

Still buying it no matter what. Naughty Dog are trusted developers, they'll do something impressive even if it doesn't include Nathan, I'll still miss him though.

Etseix1700d ago

Buying this even if its an 8-bit adventure of Uncharted

just let it be hd ;p

frameflip1700d ago

I personally think it would be pretty cool to play as Sully in his younger days. He practically taught Nate everything he knows and always has crazy stories about his past adventures. I think a prequel, before meeting Nate, would be pretty awesome. Just my opinion.

Patrick_pk441700d ago

@ShugaCane Well MGS had different characters. MGS1/2 for an hour)/4=Solid Snake, MGS2=Raiden, MGS3/PO/PW=Big Boss. Playing as different characters aren't that bad, especially with Uncharted. I guess I am just getting sick of Nathan.

Rimeskeem1700d ago

Preferred with Nate but without is ok too

Prime1571700d ago

I want naughty dog to blow my mind again, but I am worried at the news of the new uncharted...

Before I begin, let me say that I told everyone (co-workers and shoppers) at the gamestop I used to work at that uncharted 2 was the best game in the 7th generation... then the last of us came out... I just smile with my pandemic model and say, "I told you so."

That being said, I'm sad they are doing a new uncharted... naughty dog has always created new ips in a new generation, and the fact that they discontinued this trend makes me think something changed at a core level.

-ps1 had Crash 1-3 and team racing (different premise so I'm calling a new ip)
-ps2 had jak 1-3 and combat racing
-Ps3 had UC 1-3 and tlou...

Look, I hope to god I'm wrong and just nervous they might let me down, but I am the type of person who believes in letting go in favor of the new experiences and stories.

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Thatguy-3101701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Maybe they'll bust a sucker punch and give us a new protagonist like what they're doing with the Infamous series. What ever ND decides to come up with the series I think they'll pull it off. Can't wait to see more on how the series develops.

bryam19821700d ago

they can do it in the colonial times whit Nathans ancestor that other drake guy he's always talking about in uncharted 1,2,3

lazyboyblue1700d ago

The 'other' drake guy?

You seriously can't remember Sir Francis Drake by name?
We all love games but ,mate pick up a book now and again, Jesus what's wrong with the world? Have you received no education?

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES1700d ago

Nathan is what makes uncharted....uncharted. it's like Lakers with no kobe, just but the same.

wsoutlaw871700d ago

this seems like an obvious joke to me. He is saying the game is un-charted lol. they even tweeted a picture of frogger. He was messing around even saying the lead writer has a doctorate in "un". I really can not believe anyone actually wrote an article about these tweets and was confused by this. Damn internet.

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king_george1701d ago

Nathan is definitely needed in the game. Just wouldnt be the same without him honestly. That goes for sully and elena as well in my opinion.

Side note: still wishing for a visit to Atlantis sometime :( c'mon drake!

Jury1700d ago

I don't think Elena is needed. Should have had a new female in each game ala bond and Indiana jones

king_george1700d ago

Ummmm sorry but no. Nathan Drake loves Elena and it wouldnt be right to take her away. The two have an amazing chemistry :) they compliment each other perfectly

Utalkin2me1700d ago

Sounds like your basing the game off of characters and not ND. I trust anything ND does and i do not need Nathan Drake or any of the other characters to enjoy a game that ND puts out. They know what is best and i will have faith in them regardless.

king_george1700d ago

Not really man.. im just saying, drake IS uncharted as much as master chief is halo. Its cool u dont need him or any other character to enjoy an uncharted game but i think many others have grown to really love these characters and want to see more of them. I see what ur saying tho and i definitely trust ND no matter what

Kyanu1701d ago

I hope they're doing some kind of time jumping. Maybe we play Drake as always but also get to play Sir Francis Drake as we follow his paths.

-Foxtrot1701d ago

I doubt the whole Sir Francis Drake thing, the time setting hinted in the teaser is years off when Drake was alive.

wsoutlaw871700d ago

Ya they hinted at the pirate Henry Every a lot it seemed and he stole somewhere around 600,000 then retired and wasnt caught so that might be a treasure drake is looking for.

level 3601701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Could it mean Nathan as a young man "still" charting his course?

Or maybe it will be just another part or sequence in the game.. with Uncharted 3 when they showed Nate as a young boy meeting Sully for the first time.

For sure though I think we'll get to see or glimpse Nate's real father in the game maybe with Sully his other "father figure".

NeoTribe1701d ago

You cant get rid of the main char.... thats like halo with no master chief, tomb raider with no lora, mario with no mario...

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