3 Crazy Plans to Save Nintendo

The most recent blow to the company came on January 17th when it announced shipments for the Wii U during its current fiscal year (April 2013 to March 2014) would come in at 2.8 million. That was down from the company's original forecast of 9 million.

Nintendo walking back expectations wasn't shocking. Between April and September of this year, the company shipped an astonishingly low 460,000 Wii U's over a six-month period. Everyone knew there was no way the company would come close to its target of 9 million systems shipped. However, Nintendo's January 17th announcement did verify suspicion that the Wii U's holiday season wasn't particularly strong.

Nintendo needs to act decisively in a few key areas, or risk an astonishingly fast collapse from its golden age in 2009.

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R00bot1667d ago

The only plan they need is games, and they're coming.
Also, some marketing couldn't hurt.

deafdani1667d ago

I know the games are coming, but believe me: marketing is just as important as the games. It can not be treated as an afterthought.

Grimhammer001667d ago

Without online infrastructure approaching MS/Soiny.... I fear games won't be enough.

Gaming has gone social for like 8yrs now!

Garethvk1667d ago

I heard a good one that said they shoudl license older games for the mobile market as that would provide billions in revenue.

GordonKnight1667d ago

But they would lose billions as a hardware provider.

You have heard of the Virtual Console?

Also, mobile games have terrible gameplay and Nintendo makes games with very high quality gameplay. That just doesn't seem like it would work.

Garethvk1667d ago

Wall Street analysts do not agree. They have told Nintendo as such. They said that many of their games are ideal for tuch screen and since they have become an afterthought in the console market, this would give them huge revenue to regroup, rebrand and launch new hardware.

GordonKnight1667d ago

IMO Wall Street is more concerned with what old Nintendo games on Smart phones would do for other companies like Apple. Wall Street is all about greed and not the future of video games. If Nintendo took Wall Streets advice they would turn into EA. Now how bad would that be for Video games?

I just can't see playing Mario or Zelda games on Smart phones no matter how convenient it is. IMO
Besides the type of game that would play somewhat alright on a touchscreen only device is RPGs.

Myst1667d ago

Honestly I think it just boils down to people stating "Give us something to do with this hardware." For some of us we have enough games to get us by, but some does not equate to the whole and perhaps not even half of the install base. So at this point Nintendo just needs a few more games on their system and they would be solid; just those couple of games that make people want to buy a WiiU

Garethvk1667d ago

I honestly feel swindled by Nintendo. When I first saw the unit at E3 I had my doubts. A year later they reamined as I did not think the game offerings or abilities of the system warranted the purchase. At Comic Con we had a press only area with the system where we saw the games, spoke with developers, and such. We were promised a slew of games such as Donkey Kong, Smash Bros, Mario Kart and such that would all be out within 6-8 months of launch. We were told of over one hundred exclusives in the first year alone, many of them A level titles. So we bought the Deluxe system. Well it is gathering dust now due to a lack of games that we want to play. I can only play Mario so many times until it becomes the same game over and over. I will give Donkey Kong and Mario Kart a try but that is more to the fact that I need stuff to play on the system. As it stands now, I never would have purchased it if I would have known then that there would be limited games and that it would be as disappointing as it has been.

deafdani1667d ago

Another Fool bullshit article... submitted by Chrono, no less.

Completely unbiased, for sure! /s

Grimhammer001667d ago

Nintendo needs to do several things.
-restructure management. (Fire people!!! You know who.)
-decide on whether they really want to be in the home console business. If yes, up the R&D. If not ready Ninny on home consoles as a 3rd party.
-focus on handhelds. Possibly create their own cellphone? Yeah. That's how serious they need to be.