Driveclub Listed For Release In Early March, or June?

iGR: "Driveclub was initially delayed out of the PS4 launch window. Just recently we were told the title would also miss the oft rumored release date in parity PS4 Japan launch as well."

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Chris5581702d ago

I wish it would come out in March but i just can't see them doing that... It would compete with infamous ss metal gear solid titanfall (for some)

Ultr1702d ago

February would be perfect! Or april

Phoenix761702d ago

Just give us special edition now! Then we'd all be happy to wait it out another month or three lol

XiSasukeUchiha1702d ago

Early march would the best while Early June would be the second best option

sprinterboy1702d ago

16th/23rd April or 7th may is my guess