Players Who Can't Run EverQuest Next: Landmark Alpha Get Full Refund

If you have purchased the EverQuest Next: Landmark Founder's Pack but worry about your PC won't be able to run the game, you can contact SOE's customer service department to receive a full refund. The developer promises to continue to optimize and make further adjustment to the game's performance and the system requirements are expected to be lowered in the future beta tests.

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WeAreLegion1633d ago

That's great to hear. I'll be getting a new tower with my tax refund, so I'll be ready!

ATiElite1633d ago

Good ole PC Gaming Customer Service!

Sucks not to be able to run EverQuest Next as it's suppose to be the Next big bang in MMORPG games.

(Meanwhile Guild Wars 2 is just so fun I'll hold off on Everquest Alpha/beta)

WeAreLegion1633d ago

Guild Wars 2 really is awesome. I understand.

webeblazing1633d ago

i dont really want to play the beta ill wait til its done. i rarely be apart of beta now that i think about it. it usually be ambitious game betas that i get involved in.