Gamers still have high hopes for Nintendo

Nintendo admitted that the Wii U has been a flop an in no time tech annalists began to flood the web with articles about their impending doom. The gaming community on the other hand still has high hopes that Nintendo will bounce back and thrive in the coming years despite.

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ritsuka6661578d ago

I've never lost faith in Nintendo,so I think there's still plenty of life left in it yet for me personally.

stanr1578d ago

They will survive, they always find a way

XisThatKid1578d ago

Yea Everyone lives before they die, just saying. But I do agree Ninty will survive in another avenue or adding a new avenue to revenue. Like but not exclusive to the mobile idea. I think they'll come up with something, nothing that most of us is thinkin they'll do. They have more resources an money people give them credit for despite their current situation.