Industry Insider: "Xbox One Will be Behind all Generation, and Not by Some Small Trivial Margin"

Industry insider Ashan Rasheed, also known on NeoGAF and Twitter as Thuway mentioned something that heard "down the grapevine" mentioning that Xbox One might be behind for the whole generation.

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Eonjay1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

I can't imagine why Microsoft would want to withhold the power being used by Kinect. That being said and now that they have reversed course, does this open the door for an Xbox One without Kinect?

Actually, by making sure that Kinnect had dedicated resources, it was supposed to be an incentive for developers to use Kinect. Without the GPU and CPU boost and with Kinect using resources, what type of machine was Microsoft preparing for developers?

dedicatedtogamers1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

I think we've known this. Microsoft kept changing the goalposts from "our hardware is just as powerful" to "we're just as powerful...once you factor in the cloud" to "we're less powerful on paper, but we invented DirectX"

Now they've simply stopped making excuses and they say "we will offer the best *experience* for the next-gen consoles".

EDIT: FWIW, perhaps this is a sign of Microsoft dropping Kinect? Kind of unexpected, but this rumor (if true) would make Kinect officially "optional" for every game.

NatureOfLogic1302d ago

I guess the power of the clouds message didn't fool as many as MS had hoped. Now with this damage control OS reduction that won't make a difference.

MysticStrummer1302d ago

I was in Best Buy today and saw the XB1 sign claiming to have the best looking games. It made me chuckle.

cleft51302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

This is the reality that people need to just accept. Developers will get better at making games for the Xbox One and the PS4.

If we are already seeing a difference in resolution that says 2 very important things. The first is it speaks to the power of the PS4 and ease of accessing that power. 2nd is that developers will not be gimping their games so that they can be on par with one another.

Hercules1891302d ago

@Mystic Well its not like they have the worst looking games. Between Ryse and Killzone its pretty much up for grabs on which console has the best looking games. I guess I will just have to settle for 30fps like we have been for many generations.

Ultra1302d ago

MISTERX and the clones will try to sabotage this yummy news.

stuna11302d ago

The issue a lot of early adopters when then have is where can we get a $100 dollar refund from if Kinects is no longer a intergral part of the Xbox1.

imt5581302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

Quote :

...once you factor in the cloud" to "we're less powerful on paper, but we invented DirectX"...

Microsoft BOUGHT DirectX technology. Well, write RenderMorphics on Google.

erathaol1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

Even with the GPU release, I feel like Microsoft will eventually release a Kinect-less Xbox One to compete harder.

The "Arcade" version possibly.

johndoe112111302d ago


EXACTLY. If I was a xbox supporter I would be PISSED right now. Why do they need to do this if they have the power of the cloud????? They them selves said the cloud would turn 1 xbox into 10. Why would they need to gimp the kinect to give devs this extra power??? Why are they taking away the feature they touted as its main feature if they have 10 xbones in the cloud?

If this is not proof enough of the lies and deceit that microsoft has been spouting for the past 8 months i don't know what is. When will people open their eyes? Was this not false advertising?

This has to be the biggest con in the gaming industry I've ever seen.

MysticStrummer1302d ago

@Hercules - When I laughed it was mainly because I was thinking of the multi plat differences we've seen so far. As for Ryse or Killzone, I don't think it's up for grabs at all. Ryse has nice character models, but overall KZ looks better. Forza's cars look nice, but overall Drive Club looks better. of course XB1 doesn't have the worst looking games, but even the possibility of freeing up a little more power still leaves it behind PS4.

adorie1302d ago

Even if they drop Kinect, it's already becoming a wide-known fact that the hardware is superior inside of the PS4 case.

What do you do to go against that? Despite Microsoft shaving an impressive markshare amount from Sony, Microsoft really blundered their launch and that sting resonated from May till now.

What I keep reading from people is that Microsoft didn't bring their all during the last 3 years of the 360's money-making lifespan, I didn't notice, myself, but if you attempt to see their releases from the last few years, or even from launch till now, you'll notice that there is a massive difference.

They're spending less, for one.

abzdine1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

i feel sorry for xbox fans being shit at in public like this. what a pity!! The day Sony or Nintendo do this i stop playing games!

EDIT: removing kinect wont make games 1080p suddenly. the console isn't powerful deal with it guys!

H0RSE1302d ago


"removing kinect wont make games 1080p suddenly. the console isn't powerful deal with it guys!"

- The X1 can already render games at native 1080p and at 60fps.

NoLongerHereCBA1302d ago

imt558 it's not like they bought it a month ago. They bought it a long time ago when it was in it's early stages. MS is still responsible for everything there after, so your comment is void.

I think it is to early for MS to really make this move. The fact that they (might) do it now, clearly shows that they have nothing else on their sleeves and that this is a desperate move. Unless this rumor is false and they have optimized the hell out of it and it will be 4% or so less.

madjedi1302d ago

@horse Yeah a kinect game, some sports titles, and forza 5 which is using prebaked lighting and cardboard cut out crowds while no more taxing next gen effects are utilized.

That list really is alot less impressive than you think it is, if the box was more capable dr3 and ryse at the very least would run at a higher resolution as would the multiplat games

The situation might improve a little with more mature tools, but parity is out of the question.

quaneylfc1302d ago

then my kinect will be getting traded in faster than a naughty foster kid.

user55757081302d ago

@nature and johndoe

the cloud power technically can increase processing power however you would need a flawless connection using fiber optic cables to really get the most out of it. so overall its limited to very few areas in the world and that kind of internet speed costs a high premium for the average xbox owner to afford even in those areas.

connection speeds in most areas are not up to snuff yet to really take advantage of cloud processing power. so for the majority of xbox owners this is definitely a hoax

H0RSE1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )


I expected a response like yours, since the Sony crowd will use whatever justification it can to discredit the X1.

"it's just a racing game."
"it's just a sports game."
"it's just a kinect game."

and even in instances where a multiplat is 1080p on both, it's always "well, the PS4 is more powerful," or "well the PS4 has more 1080p games."

Funny how they are "only sports games" on X1, but on PS4 they seem to be legit 1080p titles. Forza 5 is "just a race a game," but since Driveclub utilizes more hardware intensive techniques, now it's a game "worth" being mentioned as 1080p.

It appears to have come to the point where games simply running at native 1080p aren't enough anymore. They have to be hardware intensive games, that exclude certain genres (sports, peripheral-based) and/or must also be running at 60fps...and this mindset is only after 2 months of the consoles being released...

At this pace, I expect after a yr or more into release, 4k will be demanded as mandatory, framerate must be unlocked, achieving higher than 60fps, thought-based control will have to be supported, and the only excuse(s) for a game ever running at a measly 1080p, would be due to it being such a complex and hardware intensive game to develop, that the concept of quantum mechanics or calculating infinity, is dwarfed by the games development process.

From what I know, as of now, Tomb Raider is still 1080p on both consoles, but I guess that falls under the "it's only running at 30fps," justification, right? Halo will likely be 1080p/60fps, but I'm sure it will also fall under a justification - perhaps the , "PS4 has more 1080p games," mentioned above?

It is known that the PS4 has more powerful and easy to use hardware, but this doesn't somehow discredit every game running at 1080p and/or 60fps on the X1. If a game achieves these goals on X1, it isn't going to take away from the PS4 doing the same thing, and it isn't going to change that the PS4 is still running more powerful hardware.

Some of you are so caught up in the "thrill of victory" right now, that you lash out at any good achievement X1 makes, as though it detracts from your "high." It's almost like some of the PS4 crowd aren't happy unless it is beating the X1 in absolutely everything, but not just beating it, but substantially so, almost like any indication that "the gap" is anything less than a mile wide, throws these rabid fanboys into a panicky rage.

Giul_Xainx1302d ago

Why can't they just admit that Don Matrick was WRONG? They should have taken their new xbox off the damn market as it was, rip out everything we didn't want, and come out a year later with something ... I don't know... KINECT-LESS?

What I can't believe is that Microsoft has adverts telling people about the XBOX and Kinect while Sony just keeps playing their PS4 ads on the TV and selling MILLIONS MORE.

r2oB1302d ago

@ Horse

I think he was implying that removing Kinect will not suddenly allow games that are not native 1080p, become 1080p. As in a game thats 720p, will not suddenly be able to be rendered in 1080p because of the freed up resources.

ZombieKiller1302d ago

If this is the case dedicated, where they drop the Kinect, and maybe throw in a $100 price drop, I would consider the Xbox One.

I like having the option to add peripherals to my experience at my own expense rather than having them be required. These are video games, the only thing that SHOULD be required is an online connection to play MP.

For those who prefer a controller, being forced to include the Kinect in your purchase is unfair. To pay an extra $100 for that Kinect that you don't need or WANT, well let's just say I am going with a PS4.

Christopher1302d ago

Dropping kinect for good would be about the only way I'd buy a Xbox One. No matter the quality of games on the system, I refuse to pay for it or support it.

nukeitall1302d ago


We won't miss you!

But why not support cutting edge technology that hopefully will change the way we game?

Why go for the same old, same old. Forgotten how we used to play with mouse and keyboard, and now we prefer controllers?

Simplicity and immersion is key to move the gaming medium forward. I don't want to be stuck in the past simply because it is the standard.

pixelsword1302d ago


About time, too.

Toon_Link1302d ago

Lol maybe the all mighty cloud will handle kinect but I could see that being extremely annoying when it wasn't working properly.

Either way this would upset me as an early adopter considering all the stuff they've said about kinect integration.

redwin1302d ago

Ms haters will never get a Xbox, Microsoft will sell because of word of mouth. The 360 was less powerful than the ps3. Xbox got to where they are because of the games. I'm sure they'll be ok if they play their own game. Let Sony come out first with their DRM( playstation now ) and then they'll go it after it's excepted, then they'll come back with things old IP's and just keep their profit high and their over head low. You don't get it, they don't want everybody they just want the ones that are willing to spend .

Pogmathoin1302d ago

All this from a 'down the grapevine' article..... Its good enough for me! :)

ChrisW1302d ago


Behind in only the graphics department...

1301d ago
DragonKnight1301d ago

@nukeitall: Did you just start gaming as soon as Xbox came around? Kinect isn't innovative, it isn't cutting edge, and it isn't going to change the way anyone games.

No one wants it. Older gamers have seen Kinect before the Xbox and no it's worthless. Newer gamers have seen that Kinect has no games worth playing and makes it equally worthless.

Face it, Kinect is garbage and everyone but diehard Xbox fans like you knows it.

madjedi1301d ago

Horse your reply is hilarious, if that was a rabid fanboy response you will have a rough time on n4g this gen.

I do not consider any sports game to be remotely demanding, a kinect game. Judging by the last gen lineup of kinect games you will forgive me for not considering it a relevant measure of the xbox one's potential.

Now had forza used more demanding effect 1080p @ 60 fps would have been a great achievement for the xbox one.

Your the one bringing up 1080p games at 60 fps, i merely responded to your post, buddy if anyone is moving imaginary goalposts it's you.

ChrisW1301d ago


Which is exactly why the PS4 Camera isn't bundled, right???

DragonKnight1301d ago

@ChrisW: The PS4 camera isn't bundled due to this new concept called "having an option."

I know, I know, Xbox fans aren't used to such a radical concept, but it's a good thing.

It's also not bundled because Sony didn't want to take the financial hit of bundling it and keeping the cost of the PS4 at $400, which is what they were going to do initially until they changed their mind.

And then there's the fact that the camera is not a requirement of the PS4 in any way shape or form and never has been.

I could go on.

But seriously, look up the word "optional" and your mind will be blown.