Xbox One OS Reduction Due To Reaction To Resolution-gate

iGR: "Industry insiders Ashan Rasheed (Thuway) and Pete Dodd (Famousmortimer) have been on quite a roll this weekend, and now it seems they’re capping things nicely. According to Rasheed, developers at Infinity Ward asked Microsoft for more power to make Call of Duty: Ghosts on Xbox One more comparable to the PS4 version, and at first, they were denied."

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XiSasukeUchiha1700d ago

Damn this is going to a fun generation for MS

Eonjay1700d ago

Well, they really wanted Kinnect. Developers are saying that they would rather use the GPU for game engines instead of Kinect. They probably still have the option to allocate resources to Kinect, but if they don't want to use it, they will soon no longer be sitting on unused power.

tubers1700d ago

Wow. So the behemoth Kinect requires some APU power? Thought that thing has its own processing.

Too bad then.

dedicatedtogamers1700d ago

The thing is, I'm not sure Microsoft cares. They seem content to ignore the actual differences in favor of blowing hot PR smoke up everyone's you-know-what.

I can't wait for some 2nd-year and 3rd-year multiplats to come out and really show the gap between the consoles.

CrazedFiend1700d ago

Time to change the name to Xbox180, cause this thing's a complete u-turn from E3.

All for the better though.

indyman77771700d ago

@EONJAY Does this mean your saying Microsoft is no longer requiring developers to develop a Kinect compatible control scheme for every game? I thought that was set in stone.

Either way it looks like Microsoft fans owe PS4 fans another round of thank yous for making things better for them!

This is what happens when you complain about something instead of automatically defending it!

Septic1700d ago

Kinect was a BIG risk and now MS are paying for it.

They better start using it or deliver in the games department or they can expect to share a similar fate to the Dreamcast.

NeoTribe1700d ago

Like i said before launch, even developers are not going to want to waste there time with kinect. Its just not meant for gaming. Its pretty much a 200 dollar tv channel turner.

Volkama1700d ago

Come on now Septic, the Dreamcast? That struggled to hit 10million sales.

The One hasn't even started the cycle of cost reduction yet, and that's where the big numbers come rolling in.

Maybe MS will fall out of favour with core gamers, but unlike Sega they have a whole other world of consumers that can carry them.

mewhy321700d ago

that won't be enough to bring the bone up to speed with the PS4. But it's better than nothing I guess.

UltimateMaster1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

8% more than before isn't going to make any difference. It's still inferior by 50%.

nukeitall1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Who f'in cares about "the power"?

Seriously, if I wanted "powah" I would get a PC. PC has consistently been the powerhouse every generation since the start, and it has never been overtaken by console.

Yet, I prefer gaming on console, not because of this "powah", but because of the games, the experience and the ease of use.

I'm saddened to see if this 8% released resources in the future turns out to gimp the Kinect One ability.

I have never played a game in the last couple of years and gone, f! This game sucks, because it ain't 1080p!

In fact, most of the games I played that is awesome is focusing on good game play, good story telling, and the overall experience.

It is not the rehashed games that is destroying the industry, it is the loud fangirls minority that is!

Wizard_King1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

I like how MS is attempting to hide the real reason they are doing an OS reduction.

It is because the OS is bloated, runs like shit, drops features and fails to work a good portion of the time.

They see now it is a far to bulky system for the weak CPU to run fluidly all the time.

In Australia where I am we have 12.5Mgb/ps internet which is pretty god for us and every time I have been at my mates way with his X1 he cant even access the friends bar. Or he gets disconnected from live mid game, or when the home screen items fail to load.

The dude at JB Hi-Fi even warned us that the X1 runs like crap and recommended the PS4 to him because they have had lots of returns.

It's just a mess and this is an attempt to fix it plain and simple, this line is just PR bull to get some favor back their way.

mzupeman1699d ago


You're making it sound like it's a 'games vs graphics' debate, when it isn't.

Fact of the matter is, there are two major contenders out there right now with a lot of the same releases. One console is performing better than the other. No matter how you slice it, that's bad news for one guy, and good news for the other.

Yes, some have decided to already get an Xbox One, others have picked up the PS4... but in the long term, stuff like this is going to affect who buys what in the future. There's plenty of untapped consumers out there who will get into next-gen at SOME point, and what do you think they'll do? Buy the system that plays a lot of the same games with increased performance, or the other machine? There's a choice for many right now, and every day the choice is becoming clearer.

I know to some, 1080p output vs 720, as well as 60fps vs 30fps seems quite trivial... but when you're deciding to drop $400 to $500 bones on a machine, these things DO matter.

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Sammy7771700d ago

dude ofcourse MS cares. Look at anecodotal Xb1 sales on gaf, even in UK xb1 looks like a done deal since diehards have one at xmas . The console xb1 is vastly underpowered compared to ps4 . This is not ps3 vs x360 scenario where both consoles were kinda equally matched

ramiuk11700d ago

im in UK andobviously im only in a small part(manchester area),but anyway all peoplei know who wanted xbone have one at launch.
all rest are waitingfor ps4 stock

mcstorm1700d ago

@ramiuk1 I think it depends on who you know as I am also in Manchester (Small world a) and I don't know one person with a PS4 yet but know 3 people with an xbox one. I also know that everyone who has a 360 have said they will look at getting a xbox one when the price comes down. Its also the same for the People who have a PS3 have said they will get a 4 apart from 4 of them who have said they are getting a one in the next 18 months as they want a change and want the tv side of the console too.

Its all each to there own and its way too early to say which console will sell more than the other. I still think it will be about the same as last gen where the xbox one sell better in the US and UK and the PS4 sells better in Europe and Japan.

But for me I don't care who dose and dose not sell the most but I want all 3 to do well.

pennywhyz1700d ago

MS dont care they always abanden ther stuff. Nothing from X360 is compatable on X1. Ex.people spent 3-400 $ on csr wheels to play forza a year later it dont work on X1 and forza 5.That is a just part of proof that MS does not care.All my wheels still work on PS4 Sony don't mess around and play games, they make them.

whitefang19881700d ago

I live in Leeds and to be honest I see more people buying xbox and putting up on Facebook than I do ps4. I got both at launch but I wouldn't buy the xbox again if I knew what I knew now, literally the only game announced on it I care about is halo. I've been looking online to trade it in for 300 cash.
Couldn't be happier with my ps4 though.

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Blaze9291700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Whole bunch of "industry insiders" when it comes to Xbox One knowledge....

Sammy7771700d ago

Thuway is known to all the execs of Sony and MS and almost all devs of all companies know the lad too

Hicken1700d ago

Same insiders that have been around for years. They're just revealing the truth. You can continue to close your eyes and cover your ears if you don't like it, but reality is reality, blaze.

MRMagoo1231700d ago

If they leave it to MS to tell the truth , we would all be waiting forever.

adorie1700d ago

Some of the insiders putting out info have done it for a long time. I found out through a gaffer that one guy who posts has been an insider since the days of gaming mags. I was like "really?!L" It really is a mecca for gaming info, NeoGAF. ;0

Unspoken1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Their insider "information" all depends on who's stock they purchased, same goes for analysts.

Allegiance's turn faster than a PS4 fanboy can say, "Buut my consol hazz mor corez!!"

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tagan8tr1700d ago

"The Xbox One is reportedly getting an 8% jump in GPU power very soon in order to more closely compete with PS4." ??? 8% I find it hard to believe that will make a huge diff.

Morpheuzpr1700d ago

8% boost is meaningless now, let alone in 6-8 years judging by the past console generation lifespan.

ambientFLIER1700d ago

When did MS say that 8% was going to be a big diff? They didn't. 8% more is, in fact, more closely competing...

SKullDugger1700d ago

It won't help. The only reason FORZA 5 runs at 1080p 60fps is because of baked lighting no weather and no real time lighting and only 200 cars and 14 tracks. 8% will not help. Then norm will be 720p 30-45fps or 1080 20-30fps.

medman1700d ago

Microsoft sure knows how to give gamers exactly what they don't want.

tagan8tr1700d ago

Yeah they really Kinect with gamers...

CertifiedGamer1700d ago

Xbone or Xbox720, thanks to kinect

lifeisgamesok1700d ago

It's just Sony fans bragging about a number when the games look the same

Wizard_King1700d ago

But they don't look the same, as a majority PC gamer I can tell you that there is a significant difference in every multiplat title so far.

They all look significantly better on the PS4.

Retard1700d ago

Seems those IW folks care about some aspects.

Pogmathoin1700d ago

'I can't wait for some 2nd-year and 3rd-year multiplats to come out and really show the gap between the consoles.'

So, there goes your 'valid' arguments you always claim Dedicated. Your nothing more than a petty fanboy. People like Xbox.... That must crack you up....

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joab7771700d ago

Dont get me wrong, I hope Microsoft does well and succeeds this gen but they are gonna have to getc real crafty to keep up. Sony studios havnt even begun to push the limits.

This is why I think its worth it to offer either multiple consoles or simple upgrades. They always offer a slim eventually. Why not offer a model w/ more memory or allow the memory to b upgraded. I understand that consoles r closed and it offers devs the opportunity to build around but u can build a min and optimize . It would extend life cycle.

featurepreacher1700d ago

Extra memory is useless if it's not used. All games must be built for current memory specs.

SKullDugger1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Thats what was done with the new Tomb Raider PS4 version runs 60fps @1080p and XB1 runs 30fps @ 1080p with dips down to 18fps. the cause a weaker GPU and the the use of DDR3 ram instead of the faster GDDR5 ram. Even with the ESRAM there is still a bottle neck created by the weaker GPU and DDR3 ram.

Septic1700d ago

"but they are gonna have to getc real crafty to keep up"

Indeed. They have an uphill struggle and how they propose to compete against Sony, especially in the long-term, is going to be very interesting.

andibandit1700d ago

There's essentially only a few things they can do....lower the price And churn out exclusives like crazy

NatureOfLogic1700d ago

It's called damage control. This OS reduction will not be enough to make resolution-gate go away. If Xbox One can't get 1080p 60fps from a last gen game, the future is not looking so good for current Xbox One owners.

mrmarx1700d ago

Xbox one is Wii u 2.0 lol

imt5581700d ago

There is no magic in whole world that Microsoft will close the gap. I will copy/paste from other news where i wrote some thing :

Problem is eSRAM---->DDR3, bigger problem is weak GPU - 16 ROP's vs. PS4's 32.

ROP's are the main reason for resolution. So, Xbone has 50% less. In Xbone's case, if you want to achive 1080p ( with a 30fps at least ), you must sacrifice AA, lightnings etc. In Forza 5, there was a massive downgrades to achieve 1080p/60 fps.

These 8% isn't enough for 1080p and for jump in fps from 30 to 60. It will help for stabilizing fps in many games. If Ryse start developing today, this game will not have fps dips below 25 like now.

There is no help with eSRAM. Developers will use eSRAM for framebuffer, but the problem is that they must send information trough DDR3 which is slow for a good margin. Someone draw this and it's the perfect explanation :

JetsFool35001700d ago

Thanx for the picture im slow when it comes to tech talk

andibandit1700d ago

So they're skipping 1080 and going straight for 4k?

ambientFLIER1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

I see sony trolls bringing up this "last gen game" bs, but why? Yes, it's a last-gen game...visually overhauled to current-gen standards, so using logic, that makes it a current gen game, no? Obviously it now requires way more processing power than before.

You might as well say that PS4 can't run BF4 in full 1080P, despite it being a last-gen game, which it is, since it runs on the ps3 as well.

It's funny how the PS4 one-bubble troll brigade proclaims how the future is looking for the xbox owners, and yet the ACTUAL xbox owners are happy playing their games and enjoying their systems, where as you guys feel the need to put down the xbox instead of shutting the hell up and playing your amazing ps4s...

SKullDugger1700d ago

Its next GEN bro wake up.

Evil_Ryu1700d ago

i have a feeling it's not going to help much

rela82me1700d ago

Oh I am also an insider... Microsoft is doomed!