RUMOR: Alan Wake´s actor is the villain in Quantum Break

Little is known about Quantum Break , retitled third person action Remedy Games, creators Alan Wake . One mystery is who is Paul Serene, villain and one of the three protagonists of the game, which we know little or nothing, but it is VERY POSSIBLE that Alan Wake himself is the villain of the story ... or at least the actor who stars.

There is an "insider" or a false story to raise controversy, but rather a "hunch" supported in certain accumulated evidence over the past months. Let's see:

Ilkka Villi, the actor who played Alan Wake, said in a TV program ( posted on NeoGAF ) currently "is working with Remedy, but can not reveal that."

Most obviously think that this is Alan Wake 2, but do not think it so, since Sam Lake, the writer of the game, has been commissioned to deny the very frankly in a video , in which he explains that Alan has not financial expectations heaped Microsoft, so it gave the green light to Quantum Break.

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truefan11577d ago

Quantum Break is a potential game changer, so excited for this game.

Riderz13371577d ago

Hah that would be awesome. Sort of like Drake's actor was one of the major "villains" (If you can call him that) in TLOU!

GusBricker1577d ago

Mr. Scratch with time-shifting powers. That's a scary thought.

christocolus1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

If true ,this could be interesting..

I hope remedy makes a sequel to alan wake,cos in his most recent interview ,sam lake said they would do it only if they had enough ideas to make the game awesome and that so far they had come up with some pretty nice ones.

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