Steam Machines Are Pointless And Valve Is Struggling To Keep SteamOS Relevant

Forbes "I remember when I first heard Gabe Newell preach the values of SteamOS. I was sold. The Valve co-founder promised it would democratize PC gaming, break the Windows / Direct X stranglehold in favor of open source and create an array of powerful, upgradeable ‘Steam Machines’ that not only were faster than next generation consoles, but could replace them underneath your TV."

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for we are many1635d ago

The next wave of pretend "journalism" hate is going to strike Steam after it's been striking NT for long time. I curiously wonder why and who is behind all this seemingly orchestrated hate and fear-mongering.

Spinal1634d ago

I don't what you're talking about. Steam machines are utterly useless. PC owners like me won't get one. Console only players won't get one. Who is it marketed at?

I do intend on gettin a ps4 when there's a better library of exclusives cause my PC is home for multiplats.

I love my steam account an library trust me but I can't support this terrible idea. I know everyone makes mistakes an this will be a big one for valve.

slapedurmomsace1634d ago

I think steam machines could have a market. IMO their biggest problem is the OS is Linux based, and there just aren't nearly as many games that support linux compared to Windows. We'll see what happens though.

Spinal1634d ago

@Slape, but who would be in their market is the question?

Tablet gamers? Nope.
PC Gamers? Nope (Most likely have better rigs).
Console gamers? Not with newly released machines (see sales figures).

AKissFromDaddy1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

I believe Steambox is designed for people who don't want to build a PC but still like Steam and want to access to Steam sales, Steam Trading Cards, and mods but not through a traditional desktop PC, thus a prebuilt plug and play Steambox.

d3nworth11634d ago

I agree. I've been saying the same thing and it doesnt help the fact that there are 13 versions only causes more confusion.

morganfell1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

I am definitely getting a Steam Machine even though I run SteamOS in a triboot on my current PC. Where there is 1 there is 2, where there is 2...

EDIT: @slape below

Do you really think that not knowing how to hook a PC to a TV is what stops people from putting a gaming PC in the living room?

allgamespc20121634d ago

you said enought with your am getting a ps4 on n4g, a site where sony fanboys dominate. ur argument is totally invalid.

slapedurmomsace1634d ago

@ spinal
It caters to the PC gamers who don't build their own. It could be a stepping stone for console gamers to go to PC. I could see teenage kids convincing their parents to buy them a steam machine for "school". Never underestimate the ignorance of the general public. Seriously, how many times have you had to explain to someone on n4g, neogaf, ign..etc..that you can hook up your PC to your TV via the same darn way you do your DVD or Blu ray player...or that the 360 and DS3 controllers work very well on the PC.

Volkama1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

People seem to think Steam Boxes are subject to the same measures of success as consoles. Steam boxes don't need to sell x million though. The service platform is already firmly established, there is no critical mass necessary. Each manufacturer makes money on each box sold.

PC gamers "like you" will use SteamOS if there are measurable performance advantages with it. It's free after all.

Console gamers with $500 and a craving for a new games machine will get a console. But in 2,3,4 years time the latest Steam machine will stand out as the best tech they can buy with that money.

I think a lot depends on the performance and penetration of SteamOS. Valve are in it for the long game, and declaring it a failure within the next year would be premature.

amiga-man1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

I don't see the problem any PC can be a steam machine if you want to go to the trouble of building your own there is nothing stopping you just like any PC today, if you want one straight out of the box steam machines with alsorts of specifications are available.

Steam is not a threat to gamers it offers the potential to free up PC gaming from windows to offer a simpler,faster more streamlined experience, it is the next level of PC gaming if it takes off it could revolutionise gaming on a PC.

I left PC gaming some years ago but Steam has my attention and I am certainly interested in buying one if not now in the near future.

ABizzel11634d ago


Having the OS linux based is supposedly what's stopping the manufacture's from busting heads with that extra $100 Windows 8 fee.

Steam OS is free, so in theory it should have lowered the asking price for Steam Machines.

The problem with Steam Machines is, as any PC gamer knows. You can build your own for less.

The PC developers prays on people who don't know anything about building computers and bust heads with inflated prices so they can make a profit.

Steam Machines was a chance to cut into that by using all freeware, and eventually be another platform that takes away Microsoft's stranglehold on the PC market. Apple took a bite (pun intended) Android is coming, and Chrome is doing ok.

It has nothing to do with Lunix game content (which has a solid amount of games already, and more than the new consoles). The point of using Linux was to move away from Windows. Just like an early adopters you're buying into an investment where things evolve over time, thus more games and services will come eventually.

The biggest problem is the fact that they're nothing but regular gaming PC's that are overpriced, because distributors are trying to make a profit off of them.

The only market for Steam Machines are console gamers, and with there being over 10 different versions only 3 of which thus far are worth the asking price Steam Machines are going to flop (no console gamer is going to buy a $1,000+ gaming device when a $400 / $500 PS4 / XBO exist).

DeadlyFire1634d ago

I don't see why Console only players wouldn't see this as an easy access gate to PC games they often overlook.

Its marketed towards the casual gamer that knows nothing about PC hardware.

PC gamers can just download the OS if they want it and get the same functions.

I do agree with the price being a bit high on some machines. They will hit a slow sales pace. The ones costing around $600 are prime to sell at a moderate pace. The heavier power machines will sell slower, but some have true value that will last as long as the hardware holds up with 1080p gaming for nearly a decade.

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MrDreadnought1634d ago

The problem is that most Steam Machines aren't costumizable... I mean this could be targeted to PC Gamers, but buying a 1900$ machine, that is not costumizable, doesn't run windows, and will be surpassed in 1 to 2 years...

I am a PC and Console gamer, and I was very much interested since I don't know how to build a gaiming rig (do intend to learn someday) and this sounded appealing, but the turn off is the part that only 1 or 2 of those are costumizable dispite the overall overpriced machines, and if I had one of those I would rather have a costumizable, if not, the other year a new version would go out and better, and I would get trucked.

DeadlyFire1634d ago

You can open them up like a normal PC and adjust hardware to some extent I believe. Its just a tighter box.

Jarrettjawn1633d ago

"orchestrated hate and fear-mongering" may be overstating this a little.

lastofgen1635d ago

I definitely do not see the point of steam machines and especially steamos, but I'm sure the two will find a certain group of users that will enjoy what they have to offer.

However, if you have a great pc that runs windows/os x and a console for your gaming needs, I do not think steamos is anything that will better your gaming experience. Of course, if all you do is game on your pc and nothing else (no work, editing, etc.), then the steamos could be worth it.

cleft51634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Steam Machines provides Valve with a place to sell their Steam service on a platform other than Windows. That's the main point of it, this is happening because Valve doesn't think the direction Microsoft is heading in, in the PC space is a good idea. So they are creating a free alternative to Windows, really they are just backing Linux. Either way, this will give Valve and many other content providers another avenue to bring their games to market.

The good news is that this doesn't adversely affect consumers at all. In fact, it gives consumers more options. While SteamOS will take some time to be up to par with Windows, game support wise, SteamOS is free so there is no reason not to check it out.

SirBradders1634d ago

Exactly and also if people well gamers I should say are willing to fork out for windows os etc... And buy into a greedy corporation who are now holding back PC gaming then why not buy into this guy Gabe who's philosophy is to push PC gaming forward.

We as the gamers already have seen how well steam is bang for buck wise so I'm sure he has a goal that will benefit us moreso.

urwifeminder1634d ago

Lots of fear about the new most powerful console on the planet not surprising the hate and fear has started.

karl1634d ago

its hardly fear what steambox can cause on us..
this thing is pointless..
people who like pc gaming wont buy it ..

and there is no public between pc gaming and consoles

u either like the accessibility of a console or u are a hardcore pc gamer that builds its own pc..

no common ground for which steambox is aiming ...

JasonKCK1634d ago

Exactly! the cheapest Steam Machine has more under the hood than an X1 and PS4 for the same cost. 75 million subscribers and Steam being free, console fans are in serious fear mode. Cheaper games and mod support just makes the fear grow.

razrye1634d ago

Better games and exclusives on consoles.

Volkama1634d ago

The cheapest Steam Machine at the moment has a little more raw grunt under the hood. You'd probably get more out of a console to be honest.

Fast forward a couple of years though. Steam machines will progressively open up a huge gap, and that's where I think they may be able to target the "core" console gamer. The more years that go buy without a console refresh, the more appealing that latest Steam box is.

Linwelin1634d ago


That depends what defines BETTER to you as an individual, there is only a small handful of games on consoles that i would want to play, RDR and boxing and MMA games which for some reason r not on PC don't know why, but PC also has it's exclusives, don't hate just because something is different.

stragomccloud1634d ago

1) Steam OS hasn't even been released yet.

2)This is proof positive that console gamers do not in the slightest understand what a steam machine is, and what it represents. THIS IS NOT A CONSOLE!!!! It is simply a more accessible gaming PC.

3)How insecure are console gamers? And why do they seem so threatened by the approach of a potentially more accessible PC gaming platform?

torchic1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

why would console gamers feel threatened? "threatened" is such a big word.. even if Steam Machines sold like hotcakes I highly doubt anyone would feel "threatened". don't think anyone takes this gaming stuff so seriously to the point where they feel "threatened" about something.

the idea of the Sun exploding tomorrow, that makes me feel "threatened" :/

king_george1634d ago

Thank you lol. Jesus people c'mon its VIDEO GAMES

Well im a console gamer... and im pretty sure i dont feel threatened in the slightest. Confused would be a more accurate word actually as im having trouble understanding who the heck is gunna buy these things. So educate me if ur feeling up to it :)

Studio-YaMi1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

You forgot number 4 ..

4)I don't know what I'm talking about yet I can make up sh*t & assumptions too because F*** you that's why!


Tune it down will ya? I myself as a PC/consoles owner don't see the reason of the Steam Machines as well other than it being a gaming PC that has the sole reason of only playing games and directing power toward games(via the steam OS) without the hassle of having a heavy demanding OS like Microsoft's Windows.

We know that PC gamers won't drop their rigs for a steam machine,they do lots of stuff with their rigs other than gaming & the Steam OS seems to exclude that part to have higher focus on gaming & PC gamers like to have the freedom of doing whatever they like with their PCs,that's actually one of the important reasons why PC owners love PCs in the first place,because it gives them freedom.

A console owner wouldn't care about a Valve released system since they(the console owners) have consoles they already like and are FANS of,like Nintendo,Microsoft or Sony..I don't think those fans would care about a console that is made by PC creators.

All in all,most people think these system will be a waste,but we shall see when it's on the market and people can purchase them,who knows,maybe Valve will surprise everyone?

Doubt it though.

torchic1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

I was so sold on Steam Machines, but after CES I just couldn't care less.

80% of Steam Machines are just normal PCs and very few are "console cheap". I thought they'd be packaged in a console form factor while still allowing to be upgraded. wasn't the whole point of Steam Machines to make PC gaming as easy as console gaming? can't comment on SteamOS but for me Steam Machines are DOA

tee_bag2421634d ago

A 'stream machine' is simply a PC running steam OS. So as you discovered, any PC is potentially a 'Stream Machine'.
Have a look at iBuyPower and Alienware's steam machine if you want the console like experience. They are doing a pretty good job at keeping the price at console levels and they look much better than a huge tower sitting in your TV cabinet.

Linwelin1634d ago

And the alienware system will be upgradeable from what i hear, after a bit of fiddling. Though i don't understand that as these things should be easily upgradeable, and that would be the main different from the consoles. I do hope something changes regarding this.

DeadlyFire1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

They are upgradeable. Its just a smaller form factor same slots and everything as standard boards. Just mini atx or something along those lines. I imagine you could replace the whole motherboard maybe. I see no need for RAM upgrades in most steam machines they haul in a pretty decent number to start with. So I expect GPU upgrades likely to be easiest.

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