Five Day Z Videos that Prove Humanity is Terrible

8CN: Day Z began its life as a huge, open world, MMO zombie mod for Arma II that quickly grew so popular that a standalone version has been released. Since the official release of the game on Steam Early Access, we've all learned a very important lesson: people are dicks. Here's five videos that prove my point.

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MRMagoo1231662d ago

I have said this before but i love the idea of the game and enjoy it but unless they are very strict of complete douchebag griefers they wont keep too many ppl playing after a while because ppl will get annoyed having to start again every 20 mins from snipers thinking they are cool.

Grave1661d ago

It's DayZ, carebears need not apply.

DoctorJones1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

There's plenty of people who actively hunt those snipers. And while you're right about people being shot at every 20 mins, at least going through Cherno or Electro, the feeling you get when you manage to get some gear and flank around, surprise them and kill them and get their gear, is well worth the trouble.

DayZ isn't for people who give up easily, there's a steep learning curve, but plenty of people play it every day and enjoy it. You die a lot sometimes, but you learn something new every time you die.

I absolutely love the game.

EDIT:I'll also add that there's always the option for people to play on low populated servers to get to know the ropes.

And it's also worth mentioning that you should try out different servers anyway as some have some very helpful people who regularly play on them and will likely give noobs advice and maybe team up. Find a server like that, get to know the people, and the game becomes a whole lot more enjoyable.

MRMagoo1231661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )


That is all very good advice , ill give you a bubble up for helpful.

Looking above at the 2 comments i got kinda shows you an example of the 2 kinds of ppl you will find in game, reply number 1 " It's DayZ, carebears need not apply." this is the douchebag type you stay clear of, then reply 2 by DoctorJones <---- This is the kinda player you will hope to find.

Grave1660d ago

Magoo, you'd pray to be on my team kid. My problem with you is that I just can't stand pansies.

Naga1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

The DayZ experience is an incredible illustration of human behavior in the absence of moral accountability.

webeblazing1661d ago

lol i get what you mean, but its trolls everywhere now of days

TheSaint1661d ago

That's just gamers. Most humans aren't as morally reprehensible as your average online gamer.

kB01661d ago

I dont even see any zombies lol

Hazmat131661d ago

do you love crap? play DayZ!

SDRA1660d ago

Dat wigglin' though.