onPause Review: Thrustmaster Y-250CPX Multi-Platform Headset

onPause writes:

One of the main factors the Y-250CPX should be on your radar is not just its great quality in the mid range gaming headsets but also the fantastic versatility as it is compatible with 6 different platforms.

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Milruka1663d ago

God all headsets are terrible, get some decent quality headphones a nice DAC and a proper deskmic and you are set.

mcroddi1662d ago

To be honest, the Thrustmaster guys make some quality products for a good price.

Milruka1662d ago

I've owned thrustmaster gear before, they are like a less crappy madcats...

mcroddi1662d ago

@Milruka, what product specifically? The low end line is obviously not as quality. Mid range and up they are very good.IMO.