Did the first 'Halo 5' images just leak? No

XMNR: With Microsoft and 343 Industries keeping a tight lid on Halo 5 (aka Halo Xbox One), it is understandable that fans are highly interested in any leak or information that comes out about the next-gen version of the Halo franchise. For example, a set of off-screen images "leaked" on Twitter, Reddit and other forums on Sunday. Unfortunately, all indications are that these are not the real deal.

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lifeisgamesok1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Halo 5 will be the end of the graphics and resolution debate

majiebeast1700d ago ShowReplies(5)
RadioActiveTwinky1700d ago

Lol of course it will. Its an Exclusive so there is nothing to compare it to. Thats like a Sony Fanboy saying God Of War will end it.
Third Party games that are not on Last Gen Hardware is where you will see the differences.

PunisherRevenge1700d ago

@life...hopefully it will, but people will still nic pick and try to find something negative to say because it's Microsoft.

SpideySpeakz1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

And it would look even better on my PS4. But no mater how good the graphics look, the game will always be garbage.

Edit: Forza is a limited simulator with no anti-aliasing or weather mechanics. It's a bad comparison. The Wii U can run that game at 1080p/60fps lol

Deividas1700d ago

When has Halo been considered a graphical benchmark?

ambientFLIER1700d ago

When Halo 1, Halo 2, and Halo 4 came out.

Shadonic1700d ago

OK i can feel the fanboyness but really ask why COD is being considered one for next gen when we have games from last gen looking better than the next gen one.

Deividas1700d ago

The Witcher 2 came out before Halo 5 did on the Xbox 360 and it blew it out of the water. Halo looks good but there are far better looking games (Alan Wake, Gears 3, Rage, some say Red Dead Redemption, etc..)

Halo 5 will look good obviously but there are much better looking games that will be on the Xbox One, Halo 5 will not determine the capability of the Xbox One.

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MadSientist891700d ago

well that looks horrible, good thing its fake

Qrphe1700d ago

This, it seems like it's fake too because they tried way too hard on the UI. Halo 5 would never have PS2 trees either

UltraAtomic1700d ago

God x1 will and can go 1080p\60fps and it has nothing to do with power. its the graphics card they use devs have a hard time trying to work with the ddrx3 thats it. i hate it, when fanboys argue over, and over about ps4 being powerful we know!! is that going to stop ms fanboys or people from buying it NO!!! just stop with this shit, and enjoy your ps4.

Hercules1891699d ago

The first party devs are always the ones that can squeeze a little more out because they can focus on a single platform. The third party devs can get the most out of the platform thats easiest to develop for. So realistically we're going to see the PS4 edging out by a small margin but not quite as big as they think.

sinspirit1699d ago

Devs have been working with DDR3 for years. I'm not sure where you get this from. No Dev has claimed development is hard on XBox One. They have claimed it is easier on PS4, but the power difference is the main reason for software difference.

It's also not a graphics card. It is an APU graphics core embedded on the processor itself and they both use the same similar graphics cores, except the PS4 simply has more cores for their version for more graphical power. You just stated that the X1 graphics core is harder to develop for then almost the same exact thing on another product. DDR3 also has nothing to do with the development itself. No one is saying it is hard to develop for except you and you are clearly not a developer if you're saying things that aren't true about it.

UltraAtomic1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

aren't true?!? ign, game informer, you tube videos. every were you can look up on the internet all say this. yup i am not a developer nor did i say i was one. i am just a consumer, like you that form time, to time read or watch the news. nor am i a tech nerd that know every single name form a Gpu to a cpu some of that shit, can be hard to follow. so i am sorry i called the ddr3 a graphics card when it clearly a APU graphics core if that makes you feel better then okay XD. as for the stuff i say not being true Google it, read articles, look at videos you'll find it.

sinspirit1699d ago

I did google it and it's nowhere to be found. I googled it before my response.