Starpoint Gemini 2: A Massive, Open-World Space Action RPG - GamerFitNation

"Little Green Man Gaming has great ambitions for Starpoint Gemini 2, their space-based action RPG which is currently available for early access alpha on Steam. The game already boasts a massive, open-world map with no loading screens and a wide variety of customizable ships. The developers are working on dynamic events that change based on the player's actions, the ability to hire ships to create a fleet and the addition of a main storyline." - GamerFitNation

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3-4-51666d ago

Looks good.

The more space games, the better.

Phoenix761666d ago

Seems as though the gerne for space shooters is back in fashion what with this game, the upcoming freelancer mod crossfire 2.0, star citizen and (my personal choice) Elite Dangerous